InternshipProgramsThe means of gaining employment aren’t always glamorous. Like fraternity hazing rituals out of Animal House, internship programs are seen either as ordeals in excessive humiliation or opportunities knocking. To the mid-level office manager with a moderate amount of power, hurling abuse at the new intern is a fulfilling way to let off steam before reporting to his boss two floors up and explaining why his department’s numbers are down this quarter. The intern, while plotting his revenge over the coffee machine and dreaming up a number of colorful things that he can slip into that mid-level office manager’s mug when no one’s looking, is getting some valuable, on-the-job training that a mere college education simply can’t provide.

Thank you, sir. May I have another?

Internship programs are a great way to get real world experience in the field of work that you desire. Interns are typically made fun of as being the lowest class on the corporate totem pole, but you know what? Experience matters. Those of you who think an internship will work best for you should point your Web browser to InternshipPrograms.

The cool thing about this Web site is that it focuses exclusively on internships. The employers browsing through this site will be looking for people just like you. You can start out by registering with the site so you can post your resume for all to see. Companies with intern openings can also use this site to advertise their programs. If you’d rather just see what opportunities are out there, go to the search page and select your location and the field in which you’re interested. You just never know what you may find: intern today, executive tomorrow. One thing’s for sure, though: be prepared to be the Starbucks monkey that will have to go out and get coffee for everyone. The time spent on these long walks with hot hands is excellent for plotting post-internship revenge.