QR Code Pixel Crochet Blanket

This Week's Five Geeky Picks from EtsyBlankets are typically so dull and boring. The geek in me has been looking for a blanket that does more than just take up space or keep me warm during a cold night.

Enter the QR Pixel Crochet Blanket. This blanket features a variety of colors set in a knight’s move pattern across a working QR code. You can opt to hang it on the wall or put it on your bed. Either way, it’s sure to spark some conversation among guests.

At a price of $480, this custom blanket isn’t for the super budget-conscious, but it could be one of the coolest personalized things you have in your home.

USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard

This Week's Five Geeky Picks from EtsyI’m a fan of the whole steampunk literary and social genre. The idea of taking a step back and rethinking what technology would be if the industrial revolution had gone a little differently is an interesting one.

While typewriters aren’t exactly the most steampunk-friendly of devices all by themselves, they can lend a little of that classic look to any modern home office. Add USB functionality (that works with an iPad using the camera connection kit) and you have a very cool (and functional) addition to your workspace.

At $799, the USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard is one of those pieces you really need to want, but surely someone is going to give it a good home.

I’m Too Cool Science Necklace

This Week's Five Geeky Picks from EtsyWhat element are you? The Periodic Table of Elements has long been a symbol of geek culture as it brings to light all the various elements that make up our world and the identified Universe. A single table contains every bit of known information regarding natural and man-made elements used to fill the spaces both on Earth and beyond. Our bodies are made of just a handful of these elements.

Enter the I’m Too Cool for Science Necklace. It’s a pendant that is about the size of a Scrabble piece and features one of any of the scientific elements found on the Periodic Table. This makes a great gift for anyone you know that has an affinity for gold, carbon, or even potassium.

At $9, it’s undoubtedly one of the least expensive hand-made gifts you can get your geeky friend.

Mini Dungeons & Dragons Beholder Set

This Week's Five Geeky Picks from EtsyNothing gives Dungeons & Dragons players the willies quite like a beholder. These creatures are essentially giant floating eye sockets with miniature eyes as hair. It’s freaking scary to hear them described by a good DM, especially if you don’t know they’re going to be making an appearance in that particular quest.

Appearing in a number of games such as the Neverwinter Nights series, the beholder has a special place in any geek’s heart. Thanks to Etsy, you can give these beholders a place on your desk, as well.

This set comes with four beholders, each with their own platform and accessories. At $20, it’s practically an impulse buy.

Dice (1 Die) — 3D printed, Steampunk Style, Bronze Finish

This Week's Five Geeky Picks from EtsyRounding out this geeky series is this set of one-inch six-sided dice inspired by the cog-driven world of steampunk. These dice replace traditional divots with cogwheels and intricate designs that are sure to make any six-sided dice game more interesting.

Here’s the rub: You’re buying one die per order. At just under $12, this isn’t a terribly high price to pay if you want to round out an entire set. If you have a steampunk fan in your life, this makes an excellent gift.