Are You a New Android User? Security You Will Need to Protect Your DeviceWhile the Android phone has surpassed the Apple iPhone in popularity, the Android also comes packed with some hidden dangers.

If you are new to the Google Android playing field, you should take some precautions to protect your phone from some of the pitfalls that have plagued other users.

If you follow some very simple and basic instructions, your venture into the Android world should be safe and fun.

Read the Reviews Online for Android Applications

If you are looking for an application and you are unsure about how good the application is, do a search online for reviews of the application that you are thinking of downloading to your Android device. A quick search on the Internet will provide you with a wealth of information concerning other users’ experience and recommendations for applications. One must be aware that there are some rogue applications that will appear to be legitimate, but are in fact designed to do harm to your Android device. You can also check Android discussion forums for recommendations as to what applications work well and which do not.

Using Google Play

Google Play is one of the best websites to find and download trusted applications. However, some rogue applications can slip through the cracks. Make sure that you check the developer information on the website as well as reading the reviews from other people who have used an application you’re considering. In addition, it is normally an accepted practice to learn that the applications with the highest review ratings are, in general, better applications.

My personal experience in using and trying Android applications from Google Play has been that the free ones are sometimes just as good as the paid ones. There are many free applications and games in the Google Play store that may meet your personal needs.

Amazon App Store

Amazon also offers a wide selection of applications and games for you to use and try. Though the Amazon App Store does not have as large of a selection as Google Play, it is worth a look to see if you can locate an application that may meet your needs. In addition, if you are an Amazon Prime user, Amazon offers a free application or game every day for download. You can also obtain a free Amazon App download icon that will install on any Android-supported device. This makes looking for and finding an elusive application somewhat easier with the advantage of having the application downloaded to your device for you. You need to have an account with Amazon to take advantage of this feature.

Third-party Applications

Once you get your new Android device, you want to take a look into the Settings feature. Open Settings and then click on Applications. Make sure that the box from Unknown Sources has a check mark next to it. This will protect your system from installing applications from third parties that could harm your system. This is a safety precaution to protect us from ourselves and is good to have in place. No free application is worth installing if it could damage your system or steal information about you and your surfing habits.

Get a Good Security Application Installed on Your Android System

For any of you who have used a Windows machine are well aware of, having some type of protection from viruses and malware is a must have software to protect your operating system. Taking the same precautions on an Android device is also recommended and encouraged. I use the free product Lookout to provide protection to all of my Android devices, since it also has an added feature of backing up my applications to its website. In case of a catastrophic system failure, I can easily restore my applications to the way they were before disaster struck.

Last Bit of Advice is to Use Common Sense

If an application sounds too good to be true, it most likely is; avoid the app.

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