My Life in the Apple EcosystemMy adventures with Apple began when I was around 10 years old and I got my very first iPod, the nano second generation. It had 2 GB of storage and it was the greatest thing I had ever used up to that point. My library was relatively small at the time, so that 2 GB got further than it would today. But I liked how easy it was to play those songs that I loved on demand and on the go. Our family made quite a few trips back then since a lot of family lived far across the Midwestern area of the states, so having that was crucial to my soon-to-be digital life.

Eventually, Apple came out with the iPod touch. My sister and dad had gotten ones for their birthdays and I was still with my little nano. Well, soon enough, I ended up getting the second generation. It was the thing that truly got me into iOS. I loved the simplicity that other players seemed to lack. The fact that it had a touch interface made me ecstatic to have it. I even got some of those simple games that were available back in the day. I started getting more and more addicted to my iPod touch.

Well, after a while, my desire for the latest tech started up. I got the fourth generation iPod touch. The camera wasn’t great, but it was very mobile. My friends and I took advantage of the FaceTime feature that came with iOS 4.0. When I was at home playing a game, for example, a friend and I were able to take advantage of multi-player options. FaceTime enabled us to know what was happening on both ends. Music management has been nice on all of the iPods I’ve worked with; finding the tracks I want is super easy.

Our family is quite Apple-oriented. When the iPhone 4 came out with all of its wonderful features, I made it a goal to save up for one. My iPod and flip phone were going to be shoved into a single device with better features. On October 14th, 2011, I got really lucky. I had gone to the Best Buy closest to our home and it was completely out of stock. But when we got to the next closest store, there were two white ones left. So, on that day, I got a white iPhone with 16 GB. As with my previous experiences, I loved it. I didn’t have to have a phone and an iPod with me in order to get both functionalities. Not only that, but I could be anywhere and have Internet (provided that AT&T decided to work).

My experience with a Macintosh laptop began when my sister let me use hers to work on something. The thing that was significant here: I caught on to more than half the gestures within the first 30 minutes. It just felt like how I expected something to work. It wasn’t like a PC at all, yet it was so intuitive. I was hooked. Well, Christmas rolled around and I got my hands on a mid-2010 MacBook white unibody (you know, the one they no longer sell). I fell in love with it. I didn’t look back at all on the PC I had before. The Mac just ran everything I needed without an issue. It all got better when Lion came out, introducing all its good stuff. The newer gestures were great and I learned them quickly. I ran the basic little games I had on it and had great FPS on them. I even made over 20 videos with iMovie. The software was perfectly integrated.

Since I was already getting a lot of Apple products, the Apple TV was something I desired. In June, I purchased the little guy. I was very happy at how easy it was to set up, and how I only needed power, an HDMI connection, and, because I have a 5.1 system, I was able to go optical on the audio. It has a very simple UI and works very well on my network. AirPlay is nice when I want to listen to Pandora on my Mac or on my iPhone. Netflix is also nicely laid out on it. I think it is probably the cleanest Netflix UI that I have seen. I sometimes wish there was a little more software loaded on it, but I think that what it currently has is sufficient. iTunes rentals are actually less painful than I imagined. The Apple TV gets the movie or TV show streamed seamlessly on my network.

With this many Apple products, the inevitability of being called a fanboy occurred. A lot of Android and Windows users seemingly had fun picking on me just because of a decision I made with my money! I would get comments about how bad Apple is and how overpriced it is every time I whipped out an Apple device to do something. It gets pretty old. I never really said much about Android, but I certainly heard a lot of not-so-nice things about Apple. I know my computer and phone are probably not the best out there, but I love them. I don’t love them for the specs. I love them because they work, they get what I need done, and I honestly don’t really want to make the switch to the Android market. I give credit to the Android and Windows platforms; they are nice operating systems, they just offer completely different experiences. Are you an Apple user? If so, how has life in the Apple ecosystem been for you? If you’re not an Apple user, do you give people a hard time for using Apple products for some reason or another? Let us know in the comments below!

My name is Joseph and I am a high school student who spends a lot of time near the screen. I like to work on computers and I hope I can build one someday. I am mostly an Apple user, but I don’t mind using Windows on a decent machine. Oh, did I mention I like building little circuits? Particularly the ones with bright LEDs!