Innovation in the printer industry has been stuck in a rut for a decade or more. In fact, it seems like, other than wireless printing and an increase in print quality, there has been nothing new in this arena. This is why, when I first read about the Little Printer by Berg Cloud, I had to take a closer look. What I found was a unique and innovative gadget that will make publishing easier and more cost effective.

What Do You Get if You Choose to Buy a Little Printer?

The Little Printer’s package comes complete with the following items:

  • Little Printer with power cord
  • BERG Cloud Bridge and power cord
  • Six power adapters for US, UK, and EU
  • Ethernet cable
  • Three rolls of thermal paper

How is the Little Printer Set Up?

Little Printer: Rebirth of the Hard CopySurprisingly, the setup appears to be straightforward, but it does require that you have a wireless network set up and running before you can install the Little Printer. The basic hardware setup simply involves connecting the BERG Cloud Bridge to your router, via the supplied ethernet cable, and then plugging the bridge into a wall outlet. Other than that, you place the Little Printer near a wall outlet to establish a wireless connection with your network.

Once the hardware setup is completed, you then need to install the BERG Cloud application on your phone. The BERG Cloud application is needed to provide application support for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. Once this application is installed, you will have the ability to control and monitor the publications to which you subscribe. The program will actually allow you to set a time schedule as to when your subscriptions will be delivered to your iOS, Android, or Windows phone. This includes being able to choose if you want them delivered day or night and / or on which day of the week you want them to come.

In addition, the BERG Cloud Remote application allows you to subscribe to a host of different publications right from your smartphone, as well as set up to-do lists, puzzles, and even print pictures from the Little Printer.

How Much Does the Little Printer Cost?

According to the official website, the folks at BERG Cloud state that pre-orders for the device will begin mid-October and that the price of the Little Printer is $259.00 plus $30 for shipping. However, make sure to note that, in addition to this cost, you will need to order replacement paper from the company to use in your Little Printer. As of the writing of this article, the company has not posted the cost of replacement paper.

So, while over all I think that this is a novel approach to printing, I can also see a stumbling block. This stumbling block is that, at $300, any printer that prints on a 2″ wide piece of thermal paper is going to find it difficult to compete when it hits the mass market. With this being said, this is a specialty item that still may have a lot to offer.

In summary, then, I think that this would be a great accessory device for your iPhone, Android phone, or Windows Phone. The Little Printer is small enough to sit out of the way and takes up a small amount of space. I also think that it would be a benefit to small businesses that could then take the printed messages or news articles and post them on a cork board for all employees to view. So, yes, while it is a little expensive (especially considering the need to order thermal refill paper), I believe that the Little Printer has a great deal of potential and is only limited by what you don’t use it for.

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