My Lovely Parent: Children Help Senior Parents Find Love

My Lovely Parent: Children Help Senior Parents Find LoveAccording to Consumer Rankings, the top senior dating site is But what do you do if your parent is computer illiterate and doesn’t have a clue about how to find a date online?

In answer to this question, two brothers took matters into their own hands and started a website they call My Lovely Parent. However, the website, which is currently targeted for the UK market, should most assuredly become available to US seniors fairly soon.

What is the Purpose of My Lovely Parent?

This website that was started by two brothers, Matt and Tim Connolly, was designed for the purpose of helping seniors meet acceptable mates. They came up with the idea for the site when they saw how lonely their mother, in her 60s, was without a companion to share her life with. Yet the problem arose that their mom didn’t have a clue about how to go online to seek a gentleman’s companionship. So what the brothers did was set up a website where the children of older parents could set Mom or Dad up with a profile and then monitor the site as well as surf the website in search of the perfect potential step parent. Another positive aspect for financially strapped children is that the website is (currently) completely free.

How Does the Website Function?

First, users need to be aware that the website is still in beta testing, so one needs to be patient if there are still some minor glitches. However, once you manage to get your aging parent’s profile posted, you are free to surf the site in search of the perfect fit for your parent. The site also makes it possible for the children of one senior to communicate with the children of other seniors in order to determine if there is any chance that their parents could be compatible. If the senior doesn’t have a child of their own to help with this process, I would venture a guess that another close relative could assist the senior to explore their dating options.

Are There Other Sites That Have Been Dedicated to Assist Seniors Who Wish to Maneuver Through the Senior Dating Maze?

Though the sites listed below also cater to other groups of daters, these groups have dedicated areas strictly for seniors. In fact, Consumer Ranking has listed the websites by popularity as well as by satisfaction by users. The top five ranked websites for seniors are:

  • is now the world’s largest dating service. There are currently 2.5 million mature people profiled under the seniors section of the website.
  • states that it has over 1.2 million seniors visiting its site. This online dating service states that it is assisting people to find long and lasting relationships.
  • has 940,000 seniors listed on its site and relies on extensive user input to find the right mate for seniors looking for a new relationship.
  • has a senior membership of 375,000 seniors with what the company claims to be an easy-to-search database of local seniors in your area.
  • claims an audience of 300,000 and offers video options, a chatting service, and mobile texting services.

Since we all know that loneliness can be devastating for anyone, I would venture a guess that loneliness for seniors can be complicated due to the added cost of health issues. These issues can be devastating even with a mate or companion who cares about a senior’s well-beling, but having someone else gives anyone more incentive to take care of themselves. Because of this alone, I believe that all of us would want to take a lonely parent under our wing and help them find a new mate.

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