StoryBundle: Your E-reader's New Best FriendIf you have fallen in love with your e-reader but not the price of the books, StoryBundle may well become your new best friend. In fact, as far as deals go, StoryBundle ranks high on my list. I have found that it has a simple-to-understand installation process, is user-friendly, and has a price point that will make even the most frugal among us happy. In addition, StoryBundle is also offering a unique purchase plan that will please your wallet or pocketbook while building up your e-reader library.

What is StoryBundle Offering That Other Sellers Aren’t?

What makes StoryBundle different is that the books within the bundle can be purchased during a specific time period for an amount that you decide to pay. What happens is StoryBundle takes a group of five or more books and provides these books for sale through your e-reader. The books that are being offered are only on sale until a specific date and you must make your purchase prior to that deadline. In addition, during this time, the price is negotiable with you determining what you believe each book to be worth. As an example, if you determine that the five books in the bundle are only worth $2 per book, then this is what you pay. This means that you can buy five books for $10 and the company will then include an additional two bonus books for free.

Who Are the Writers?

In general, these writers are newbies to the marketplace or they are independent (aka indie) writers who are not well-known. Don’t expect to find any books that are being featured on the New York Times bestseller list. In other words, the main purpose of StoryBundle is to expose unknown authors to the public by showcasing their writing and storytelling abilities.

However, just because these authors haven’t yet been discovered, their books are chosen by the quality of their work. The editors at StoryBundle only choose the books that they believe most people would enjoy reading. This means that the odds of you getting a book that is inappropriate or of insubstantial context is reduced, because the authors and stories are prescreened and have been read by those who are running the StoryBundle website.

What Devices Support StoryBundle?

All of the books that are being offered by StoryBundle can be viewed on any tablet, e-book reader, or smartphone. They are even compatible with the Amazon Kindle, an Apple iPad, an Android tablet, or any other e-reader you might purchase. The developers have done such a thorough job of setting up their offerings that their formatting supports both .mobi and .epub, meaning that the books merely need to be synchronized with your device for your viewing pleasure.

How Do You Pay for the Books?

There are an variety of payment options, which include:

  • PayPal
  • Google Checkout
  • Amazon Payments

The one good thing about using any of these payment methods is that, if for some reason you are dissatisfied, each has their own conflict-resolution service. However, if for some reason you are not satisfied with StoryBundle’s service, I would start at its website, which has a procedure in place for you to request a refund.

This means, as you can probably tell, that I personally believe that StoryBundle is worth trying. I think that its cost is extremely reasonable and its process for a customer getting a refund if unhappy is pretty straightforward. In fact, I will be ordering the current bundle, named Big Bang Bundle, and will be writing a review on what I like or dislike about the service.

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