Apple Vs. Google: Who's the King of Advertising Now?No, this isn’t an article pitting Android and iOS together. It also isn’t an analysis of Apple’s iAds vs. Google’s AdWords/AdSense products. Instead, I thought I’d take things a bit closer to home and see how the latest advertising efforts by Apple and Google might influence the ordinary consumer mind.

By now I’m sure we’ve all seen Apple’s latest TV ad spot efforts, which were promptly removed from circulation soon after airing. But why? The “Genius” ad spots Apple released during the 2012 Summer Olympics attempted to showcase its “excellent” cast of Apple Geniuses, available at an Apple Store near you. What the ads ended up doing, however, was depicting consumers as idiots and morons. In fact, none of the advertisements showed off Apple’s products at all.

Let’s find contrast in Google’s latest advertising efforts. Its hot product nowadays is the Nexus 7 tablet, which seems to be doing really well in terms of sales, possibly due in part to its latest ad campaigns. Google’s first ad highlighting the Nexus 7 sported a father and son duo spending quality time camping in their backyard, using the Nexus 7 to read books and watch videos and movies, all from the comforts of their camping tent. Meanwhile, the latest Nexus 7 ad, released just yesterday, shows a Curious George-loving daughter and her mother spending their day reading a Curious George e-book, communicating with the girl’s grandmother for a spot of tea over video chat, and even asking Google Now how many miles it would take to fulfill the daughter’s aspirations of reaching the moon.

The Mac vs. PC campaign Apple ran a few years back was a resounding success, if I do say so myself. Fast-forward to 2012, and we have to look at where it went wrong. Apple’s latest campaign really does nothing to highlight its products, and it makes consumers, whether they buy Apple products or not, look like morons. Meanwhile in the Google camp, consumers can see themselves using the Nexus 7 as both the father and son and mother and daughter duos were doing in the ad spots. The Google ads actually show a few things you can do with your Nexus 7 tablet, rather than ridiculing you for choosing Google over a competitor. They open up a connection that focuses on the pathos of choosing Google over Apple, and I think they hit home splendidly. Fellow LockerGnome writer Ryan Matthew Pierson agrees:

Apple would appear to have lost its marketing magic as of late. An Apple ad used to be entertaining and inspirational. The latest attempts by Apple to draw attention to its Genius Bar services has lacked both of these traits.

That’s why, in my opinion, Google has stolen the advertising crown out from Apple’s feet. I’m eager to see if Apple has any sort of comeback campaign anytime soon, but in the meantime I’m also eager to see how Google’s excellent ad spots help its bottom line in regards to sales of the Nexus 7.

How about you, gentle reader? Do you enjoy the new Google ads? Do you think Google has outdone Apple’s efforts? Let us know in a comment below.

Image: Google