Play Pac-Man Online for Free - No DownloadGitHub is an incredible resource for programmers and software fans, alike. You can find some of the most interesting projects there, including this accurate clone of the old Pac-Man series including: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Crazy Otto, and Cookie-Man. The project was created by Shaun Williams with the help of Jamey Pittman, Bart Grantham, and others.

The games are accompanied by a learning mode, which enables you to learn exactly how the ghosts react to your movements. Each one goes about chasing Pac-Man differently. After a little training, you’re sure to find yourself going further into the game than ever before.

It also plays on both mobile devices and desktops the same way. A swipe of a touchscreen accomplishes the same thing as the arrow keys on a keyboard. The image scales up or down depending on the screen size, and looks great at any resolution. The one requirement is that the browser running the game has to be canvas enabled. Just about any modern browser should be able to run it.

One of the things that worries me about this particular GitHub release is that Pac-Man, despite being cloned numerous times over on various platforms, is still a licensed product with active copyrights. Though the game plays very well right now, it may eventually be pulled if Namco decides to file a DMCA takedown request.

This project is an example of quite a few impressive accomplishments on the part of the contributors. Not only are the ghosts’ behaviors accurately represented in the game (a trait often overlooked in Pac-Man clones), but the levels are portrayed as accurately as possible.

This is an excellent example of the collaborative and creative nature of GitHub. It’s a site where programmers can share their code, get ideas from the community, and collaborate on projects in a centralized hosted platform. Described as a “social coding” site, GitHub is as close to a programmer’s social network as it gets. It’s a place where scripts are shared in place of witty animated GIFs or photos of cats doing crazy things.

There are presently over 3,607,000 repositories contributed by over two million users, each with the goal in mind of sharing and collaborating on their work. That’s an impressive number, and no doubt one of the reasons so many tech sites are playing close attention to the goings-on at GitHub.

You can try Shaun Williams’ Pac-Man project out for yourself here.