How to Make Yourself Understood in Social MediaWhen communicating with other human beings, misunderstanding can happen quite quickly, and is equally hard to remedy. For this reason, it’s crucial to make the intentions of your words clear — especially in social media or any written medium where misunderstood words might always be part of the public record. Even in spoken language, the words you choose matter. Language is a powerful tool that effective communicators must know how to wield. This rule doesn’t apply to any one particular language, but to all languages. Knowing how to express yourself adequately isn’t just a matter of flexing an extensive vocabulary; it also depends on having a keen sense of diplomacy. In marketing or brand building, such behavior must always reflect the most sincere message. That’s how an audience will be captured by whatever it is you’re trying to sell them.

The first step is always to determine what you want to convey. If you’re a photographer, you’ll most likely want to express your artistic vision, and through that, acquire new clients. As an online personality, such as our own Chris Pirillo, you’ll likely want to spread the word about the great content that you work hard to share. Skills to present information in an entertaining way is, of course, a prerequisite. Today’s world is fast-paced, and getting to the point is more important than ever.

By studying creative writing and the English language for many years, I like to believe that I understand the intricacies of this language. It’s just a wonderfully engaging subject, and so overly encompassing that I can’t help trying to express what I’ve learned about it in addition to learning more. Businesses, marketing agencies, photographers, and sports journalists all have their own specific versions of English. Even though they all speak the same language, there are a few striking differences in the way these individuals from different backgrounds communicate.

It’s that exact difference — the easily overlooked nuances of how language is used — which is the key of a successful understanding between two parties. In social media, all you’re doing is trying to find what captivates someone else’s imagination. You crave their attention, and to earn it, you must know what words to use to kindle a bond. There is always more than one way to say one thing. To express anything in a way that anyone, or, more specifically, your target audience can understand, is of paramount importance.

If you have an affinity for molding language to your needs, then social media will not present an obstacle, but rather a way to directly address your customers. Each word must reflect your philosophy, because each word could lead to a misinterpretation. That’s how complex language is, and why some spend a lifetime studying it.

In social media, if you’re in charge of a company or a business, your objective is to make some kind of announcement. Either you present a new product, or simply share your interests. Both activities include the expression of a matter important to you. To further discover the power of language, you must distinguish between scratching the surface and digging deep into the fabric of human nature. To entice a person means to make them feel a connection. Utilizing the correct language will aid you on your quest for their attention, yet you should still strive for an emotional connection.

Looking at the way many technology companies present their products, especially Apple, you can see this in action. Dreams sell products, and those products are someone’s dreams — just like your social interaction represents your own dreams. By this I mean that, if you’re not emotionally invested in what you do, no one else will be, either. Language is your main tool to show this. With all this explaining notwithstanding, it’s hard to say which words work best in which situation. That’s soul-searching that you or your team must do.

Next time you write a blog post, an article, a marketing brief, or anything with words, take a little time to observe your language. Perhaps you can discover something you could express in a better way. Think about what you want your audience to feel, to think, and subsequently do. It matters not who you are, or what you say. Actions are what define you, however, the way you say something may make all the difference.

What is your opinion on language? How do you use it? Leave a comment below and share!

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