Being a long-time fan of science fiction, it’s hard to imagine a world without Star Trek. This classic universe has evolved beyond a simple and only moderately successful television series to a cultural movement that spans generations.

I’m a big Etsy fan. The handmade products you can find there are not only unique, but typically directly sold by the person that makes it. Even the more heavily produced items on Etsy have an artistic flare. It’s one of the things that makes it a great go-to site for geeks.

Below are five of my favorite Star Trek items currently available on Etsy.

Star Trek Inspired Spock Ear iPhone Case

Etsy Star Trek: Beam 'em Up!Nothing says “geek creed” quite like a geeky iPhone case. If you’re still rocking the iPhone 4/4S and you enjoy Star Trek, this may be the perfect choice for you. A realistic looking Spock ear blends almost perfectly with the side of a user’s face creating an interesting illusion that is sure to turn a few heads at the next convention.

At an asking price of $15, it’s actually a pretty good deal considering you’ll be protecting your phone in style.

Inner Light Ressikan Flute

Etsy Star Trek: Beam 'em Up!In one of the most touching episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Captain Picard was rendered unconscious by an unusual probe discovered in space. During his time out cold on the floor of the bridge, years passed by and he experienced the life of someone that had passed away centuries before.

It was this experience, along with his torture at the hands of the Cardassians that marked some of the most significant parts of his long career with Star Fleet.

This flute, modeled after the one made famous by that memorable episode, is sure to be an excellent addition to any Star Trek fan’s collection. Unlike the original prop, this flute actually works. You’ll be paying $39 for this one, but that’s not a bad price to pay considering what it is.

Script Art Print — Star Trek — Spock

Etsy Star Trek: Beam 'em Up!One popular decorating trick for movie fans these days is to have a page of the original script framed. This product is no different, and it could make a great addition to a Star Trek fan’s home theater. Every piece is unique, and at less than $10, it’s certainly the most frugal of the items featured in this article.

You’re not getting a page out of an actual cast-used script. It’s a print combined with an image of Spock behind the words. Each one is unique, so you’re getting a one-of-a-kind print.

At less than $10, this is the cheapest item on the list.

Deep Space Nine Clock

Etsy Star Trek: Beam 'em Up!It never fails to amaze me the kind of ingenuity the folks on Etsy have when it comes to their products. This Deep Space Nine clock features a 3D model of the famous space station over a stylish clock face with matching hands.

Measuring 12″ in diameter and sticking out 7″ from the wall, it’s no tiny desk clock. Why would anyone have a Star Trek themed home theater without a clock like this?

The Deep Space Nine Clock will set you back $199, though you will be the only person in your club with one, guaranteed.

Vintage Style Glass Locket Necklace

Etsy Star Trek: Beam 'em Up!I can hardly do an Etsy roundup without at least giving a small nod to the steampunk world. Steampunk fans can be Star Trek fans, too. After all, what fun would it be to enjoy one genre of fiction?

This vintage-style glass locket necklace has all the look and style of a classy locket worn by royalty with a twist of that science fiction style that geeks love. The “Live Long and Prosper” hand sign adorns the front of this classic piece. It’s the perfect marriage of two universes.

You can pick this locket up for yourself for $15. Is it worth it? I’d say absolutely so.