Men and Women: Do They Really Have Opposite Views of the World?We have all heard, read, and conjectured from our own experiences how different men and women are. Even the best-selling book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus — and its resultant board game — exploit how different the sexes think and the knowledge that each poses. So when I read an article about how the differences extended to how each sex even views the world, I wonder how different it could really be?

There really are more differences between men and women than meets the eye — quite literally. Men, more often than not, have eyes that are very sensitive to fast-moving and small-in-detail objects. Women, on the other hand, are generally able to better perceive colors and color changes. In one recent study of males and females over the age of 16 who had normal vision — even when corrected with glasses or contact lenses — researchers found that women could discern colors and shades more easily.

But there are other ways that men and women differ, including some responses that are surprising. When men and women experience stress, a male may respond by either using the fight or flight response. Women, on the other hand, may exhibit a tend and befriend, meaning they may seek family or friends to be consoled. Men may lock themselves in a room and brood or even pick on a loved one.

Even on the Internet, men and women differ in what they do while surfing. Men may handle stock transactions, pay bills, and take care of business. Men are more likely to adopt new technology before women do. Women, on the other hand, are more social in nature and like to build communities. I never gave this much thought before, but it would be interesting to know how many more women are on Facebook than are men? I do know one thing: In my group of family and friends, the women are more likely to post pictures than the men I know.

Women and men do share one thing in common, and that is that neither like to talk about money. It seems that we have been taught that talking about money is not a polite subject, so we tend to avoid such discussions. There is also a difference in how men and women spend money. Women tend to buy the family groceries, put gas in the car, or even purchase clothing for changing seasons. Men like to buy the big ticket items — like a home or a car — that they perceive as an investment.

Another key difference between men and women is the difference in how they perceive risk. This isn’t really hard to understand, since we men know how nutty we are when we drive. We take more risks and drive faster than female drivers who are more cautious. When was the last time you saw a woman drive an old junker car, speed up to a ramp, and fly the car they are driving over a bunch of buses?

There are many other differences, but the ones that I listed are just a few of the more obvious differences between men and women.

What do you think? In your life experience, what do you believe are other differences between men and women? Share your thoughts with us.

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Source : Fox News

Source: Discovery

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