Technology Predictions for 2013This morning I was talking to our middle daughter, who works for one of the world’s largest technology companies. We were battering around the new devices just being released and if Microsoft could gain traction with its new tablet and Surface computers. We also discussed the release of the new Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7 and how these devices will impact the future. The new iPhone and iPads to come are a no-brainer, and their place in the future is guaranteed.

Some of what we will see in the technology field for the year 2013 is actually already in the works this year.

4G Improvements

4G improvements will be implemented around the country, which makes 3G seem like old, slow, and unwanted technology. I have used both 3G and 4G, and my opinion is that 4G rules the airwaves. In 2013, we will see all carriers expand their networks and improve on the quality of 4G, and 4G will be available in more places.


Robots and robotics made a huge splash in 2012, and will continue to be a topic of interest in 2013. While I do not see the robot-controlled car hitting the roads without a human passenger to take over if things go awry, I do believe that 2013 will be the year that robot cars continue to improve. Keep your eye on the military to embrace this technology and further advance the technology of driverless vehicles.

Bandwidth Improvements

Bandwidth increases will be popping up all over the United States as businesses and consumers continue to holler for faster speeds. Everyone will continue to watch the Google Fiber experiment in Kansas City that Google is conducting to bring super fast Internet to the masses at an affordable price. Once the service is in place, Google promises Internet speeds in the 1 GB range, plus stunning HDTV broadcast.

Privacy Concerns

Our privacy will be challenged as more and more information is mined from our online profiles. Not only will employers be looking at our posts on social networking sites, but investigative tools will turn up posts and comments from anywhere they are made on the Internet. As this information about us is indexed, one can only imagine that anything and everything we have posted on the Internet will be made available for prospective employees. I wouldn’t be surprised if this information is not also used in reviews or termination processes, as well.

Tablets Vs. Traditional Computers

The year 2013 will also be the year in which the battle between tablets and more traditional forms of the computer will finally be decided. When Apple made the assertion that the PC was dead, there were a few skeptics who found the statement somewhat premature. By next year will will have seen how well — or not so well — Microsoft has done with its new Windows 8 operating system and what impact, if any, will have been made.


We will continue to see 3D televisions — with and without the need for 3D glasses — advertised. Though the pricing of 3D televisions has come down, most consumers are still somewhat skeptical, myself included, as to why 3D is needed in the home. I personally believe that 3D movies are best viewed at a theater on a large screen. We may have to wait another half of a decade before 3D is even considered as mainstream as the pricing continues to fall.

Comments, as always, are welcome.

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