Home Festival: Bringing the Connected House to Your Home

Home Festival: Bringing the Connected House to Your Home Help for the generation known as Sandwich is coming your way via the connected home. So who is the Sandwich Generation? This is the generation that is not only raising children, but is also taking care of its aging parents. In a world that is crammed with technology, the technology that we all love and use is now being incorporated into our homes. Not only is the Sandwich Generation going to benefit, but everyone who is in need of wants home automation will benefit.

Home automation has been contemplated for many decades, even going back as far as the program At Home, 2001, featured back in 1967. This show featured Walter Cronkite and it was meant to display to the masses the concept of the fully automated home. The problem with almost all future projections is that the timing of when these changes may take place is usually not very accurate. It has been over a decade since the changes were predicted to take place, but it has taken that decade for technology to actually catch up to the prediction.

With the advent of the smartphone and its widespread distribution of users, one can now see how these projections are coming to fruition. We now have at our fingertips the means, via applications, to actually control certain elements in our home. We can set our DVRs to record a program, watch the outside and inside of our homes via camera with an image sent to our smartphones, and even control other elements in our homes.

If a family member needs assistance, a quick push of a button via a pendant or bracelet can alert not only you, but emergency personnel, as well. With the right applications, you can control your entertainment center or the temperature of your house. Even simple functions such as turning your sprinklers on or off will be controlled from your smartphone.

What consumers are going to want is to have the peace of mind knowing that their children have arrived home safely, or that Fido the dog hasn’t escaped from the back yard, or reassurance that the garage door’s been closed and the iron’s been unplugged.

The only thing that we need is to get the pricing for home equipment that will help us do all of this at a price point that consumers can afford. Until this happens, the price to employee these safeguards and benefits in the average home may not be available for a few years. However, consumers want to be able not only to use social networks on their smartphones, but also to do their banking, shopping, and visually keep tabs on what is happening at home.

Does this really work? Yes, it does, and I have seen it in action. My son-in-law, who owns a home electronic installation company in Shreveport, LA, has installed cameras throughout the exterior of his home. From his smartphone, he can view all of the entry points to his home, including the front and back of his house. From the application on his smartphone, he can view any area of his choosing.

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Source: Connected World