Shopping Online: Can It Get Any Easier? Yes!I must admit that I am an online shopping junkie. For the past five years I have been an Amazon Prime member and love having the ability to do my shopping from the comfort of my home. In what I would have to describe as a rare occurrence, my wife was ill and I had to go and shop at our local Walmart. I hate this type of shopping!

First, I struggled with the items on the shopping list because I couldn’t find them. I looked high and low until I finally found the two types of iced tea (sweetened and unsweetened) that my wife wanted. Once I returned home, she asked if I bought the tea from the refrigerated section of the store. Huh? Refrigerated section of what store? I found the tea on a shelf next to the sodas and I was told I bought the wrong tea. Next, I bought the wrong garbage bags. But the ones I bought were on sale and were cheap. I was told that they were junk and ripped easily and would need to be returned. Tomorrow I will be returning to Walmart to buy the right goods.

Shopping online, however, is not always so simple and easy to do. There are a few website aggregators that do a fairly good job rounding up a few decent deals. However, I have never been overly impressed in what these companies locate and the so-called ‘deals’ sometimes are not so hot. So when I discovered an application called Deal Drop, my curiosity was piqued and I decided to take the app on a test drive just to see how good — or bad — the app is to use.

Saving money is not always easy online, especially if we are not aware of the best and lowest priced deals. One can search individual websites one at a time, but this is a time-consuming process and we still may miss a real deal on a product we are looking for. Deal Drop is a great application, though it is little known, and it allows you to browse many of the most popular sale websites on the Internet. The application contains sale websites such as Woot, 1SalesDay, Newegg, Amazon, and many other highly ranked websites that are used by many consumers.

Deal Drop can display all of the websites you wish to view and present them to you in an orderly fashion. Each of the products is presented in a list that includes an image of the product, the website where it’s located, the price, and a short description of the item. This makes browsing multiple websites easier and quicker for me. Once I click on a product, I receive a more detailed description. But what makes Deal Drop even better is that I do not need to visit the website in order to receive this information.

Another great feature of this application is that it is completely free and without annoying advertisements and other distractions. Deal Drop is available from both the Apple iTunes store and also from Google Play. I highly recommend this application and I personally believe that you’ll enjoy using it as much as I have.

So what do you think? What application or software do you use to make shopping online easier?

Comments, as always, are welcome.

Source: Deal Drop

CC licensed Flickr photo above shared by Daniel*1977