It never ceases to amaze me just how inventive some of these Kickstarter projects can be. The xWallDock charger is one such invention. It basically replaces an outlet plate with a dock that keeps your device off the floor and against the wall.

At first glance you might ask yourself, “Why would I want to keep my iPad against the wall?” The answer is really quite simple. In the kitchen, for example, you may want to use your iPhone or iPad as a recipe book. If you have limited counter space, you may find having a water-sensitive device sitting there difficult to manage. By sitting it on a dock against the wall, you get it out of harm’s way while it’s charging. You also don’t have to deal with annoying cables getting in your way, either.

Another common problem with charging devices is that they hardly ever add to the look of a room. Who wants to see a pile of phones, each with a cable tangled and strewn about between the outlet and whatever table is nearby. By turning outlets into charging docks, you’re minimizing the cable clutter and maximizing the available space in a given room. Isn’t it high time we moved past the era of cable clutter?

I’ve been in a few hotel situations where the one available outlet was nowhere near a table I could sit the device on. The result was having to make the choice between tying the cable so that the phone dangled off the outlet, or putting it on the floor.

How to Get One

In order to fund the final development and initial production run, Vertex has turned to Kickstarter with a goal of $27,000. For a pledge of $15-30, you can pre-order the dock for yourself. It’s going to be made available in round and squared outlet configurations for either Apple or universal MicroUSB devices.

You can take your pledge a step further and have your logo laser-etched into the face plate for a more professional look in commercial applications. I’d love to see something like this used at hotels, airports, or train stations as travelers seek out a power source to charge their device between trips.

What About Android Devices or the iPhone 5? They’ll Be Supported!

If you’re an Android user then you’re in luck. The team developing the xWallDock charger is making a version with MicroUSB, a common connector port used by Motorola, Samsung, LG, and HTC.

The Lightning connector which announced by Apple this month is expected to be supported via a version of the charger being engineered and expected to be available by Spring of 2013. That sounds like a very long time from now, but keep in mind that this is a Kickstarter project — so nothing is immediate.

Image: Vertex