MySpace has released a video detailing its latest redesign, which intends to bring folks back to the social network that was largely abandoned with the rise of Facebook. MySpace, which was widely known for giving users the freedom to design and decorate their individual profile pages with animated backgrounds and colored fonts, has taken a decisively different approach to design this time around.

MySpace has gone through a fair share of reinventions over the years. Focusing more on music and less on personal profiles, it became a great place for bands and musicians to post their profiles and turn into their own version of an official website. Music is still at the core of MySpace’s draw with its latest design promoting the site as one made for musicians and their fans to come together.

Is it too late for a comeback?

Is it too late for MySpace to regain some of its former glory? Some would say absolutely. It became a success in the face of a market with minimal competition during a time when the majority of the world was only just starting to discover the advantages of a social Web.
Today, Facebook is used by a great deal of the world. Google+ has also become a popular alternative for people who find Facebook a bit too restrictive. It’s there if you need it, and just about every Google user is already a part of it whether they know it or not.

This adds up to a mountain of competition that MySpace would have to take on. If anything, continuing its current trajectory as a primarily music-related social network puts it at an advantage of its own. Facebook doesn’t really have a good platform upon which musicians and fans can come together. You can’t listen to a band’s latest track without going through some hoops, and the site is designed to bring people together with people, leaving groups — like musicians and bands — as a bit of a kludge even now.

There are some very compelling reasons to believe that MySpace, as much of an underdog as it may be, has a fighting chance of regaining much of its old user base. It wouldn’t be the first time a down and out company rose up like a phoenix from its ashes. Apple is a prime example of a business that reinvented itself and came out on top once again. Who’s to say MySpace couldn’t do the same?

The new design is incredible. I can’t really say anything negative about it because it encompasses all of the things that I wish Google+ or Facebook could incorporate. The interface is clean and modern with integrated video and audio laid out in a way that raises the bar for other music sites out there.

If MySpace plays its cards right, it could very well come out of nowhere and become that next big thing. Stranger things have happened, and it would be short-sighted to totally rule it out with such an innovative site redesign coming soon.

Do you think the upcoming site redesign might be enough to encourage you to sign up? Could MySpace make a comeback?

Image: MySpace