Kickstarter: New Bike Seat That Won't Bust Your BunsFor anyone who has ever ridden a three-speed or higher-geared bike, it is a well-known fact that the seat is usually uncomfortable and leaves much to be desired. Reflecting on that point, I have heard some male bicycle owners, despite their desire for a bicycle designed for light weight and speed, describe their ride as being a “bun buster” when it comes to comfort. To address this issue, there is one company that is building a new type of bike seat that should provide users with a more enjoyable seating experience.

About six months ago, my wife and I decided that our 12-year-old grandson needed a new bike. Like with all tweens, he had been on a recent growth spurt and was beginning to complain that his knees were hitting the handlebars despite the fact that I had previously adjusted the seat and handlebar heights to their maximum settings. Once we knew that there were no other options, my wife started to do some online shopping to find a used bike. We were fortunate enough to locate one on craigslist from someone living in our area. We purchased it and presented it to our grandson, who was thrilled with its shiny appearance but complained about the seat, which he stated was super hard and uncomfortable on his rump.

In an attempt to find a solution to this problem, I spoke with my son-in-law who lives in Texas and happens to be a bicycle enthusiast. He confirmed that the standard seats that normally come with the higher-end bikes were not made for the comfort of the rider. Being a professional rider, he was also quick to note that the replacement seats were very expensive and still may not provide the comfort level than a non-racing enthusiast may like.

As I am still looking for alternative seats, I was interested when I found a new bicycle seat that was being offered by Kickstarter and appeared to offer comfort, design, and performance. The seat is called BodyFloat and the inventors claim that this is one seat that can “just save your ass.” The inventors also claim that the seat reduces the vibration and jarring that is normally experienced by a rider using the standard seat, thus eliminating most of the fatigue and stress placed on the rider’s joints. Additionally, BodyFloat is said to be easy to install since the seat comes in various sizes and lengths. For flair, it is also available with assorted colored springs and graphics.

However, as we all know, a manufacturer will always claim to be better than its competition. As in this case, there are other bicycle seats on the market that claim to offer equal comfort and performance improvements. So why would anyone consider the BodyFloat seat?

The folks at BodyFloat have addressed this question and believe their newly designed seat is better for some simple reasons. First and foremost, they claim that their bicycle seat will dampen road shock better than any other brand on the market, therefore providing the user with a more comfortable ride. This, in turn, results in the claim that by enjoying a more comfortable ride, the rider will benefit from less fatigue. Finally, less fatigue should transfer over to the rider noticing improved energy levels, which in turn should transfer into better pedaling power and speed.

My son-in-law thought that this seat would be worth a try and, since he owns several racing bikes, I am confident that he knows what he is talking about. However, after taking a look at the bicycle seat specifications, do you think this seat will be more comfortable than the standard seats available?

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Source: Kickstarter