Technicolor Certification: More Colorful Laptops and MonitorsIf a consumer needs specifications for their computer system — the processor type and speed, how much RAM is available, storage size, and available ports — it’s currently easy enough for them to get them from either their local brick-and-mortar electronics store or a comparable online retailer. However, what one might find frustrating is that these specifications rarely go into detail for a display beyond size and resolution. However, this may be about to change as a company by the name of Portrait Displays hopes to set guidelines that manufacturers can use to more accurately and thoroughly describe display assets. The company’s goal is to provide this information under the specifications section so that consumers can make an informed decision prior to making a purchase.

A new certification process would be involved that not only spotlights display specifications, but also its color gamut and accuracy. The company believes that these guidelines will increase consumer awareness and force competing manufacturers to offer better quality resolution, thus producing more vibrant displays on their products.

Once the certification of these display panels becomes standard, it will be in a company’s best interest to earn a high rating to maintain competitive status. It appears to me that this is a win for the consumer since, to gain this certification, companies will be required to submit their products for testing. This means that companies with the highest rating have submitted their products to a rigid testing process where they have been determined to meet the minimum system requirements, thus offering the consumer the best possible picture quality.

In regards to display quality, we are all familiar with the effort that Apple has made in the introduction of its Retina display. If you have had the opportunity to see one of these displays that Apple is offering on its latest iPad, you can see why it has become the high standard for which other companies are striving. With this now being the challenge for competitors, it is easy to see how, in the future, the consumer is going to benefit with better displays, higher resolutions, and better picture quality than has previously been available.

So you may be asking what requirements a manufacturer has to meet in order for its display panel to receive technical certification. First, the display cannot appear to be oversaturated in various colors such as orange. Second, the display must be optimized to convey all shades of colors accurately. This means that display manufacturers will need to use higher quality screens in order to receive certification for their products.

On the other side of the coin, due to higher standards being enforced and more expensive materials being used to manufacture better quality electronics, this would likely lead to moderately higher pricing.

Portrait Displays states that, when a manufacturer completes the certification process, each computer will come pre-installed with Chroma Tune software. This software will automatically adjust colors for every product that is installed on a personal computer system. The success of Chroma Tune will be in its ability to provide the widest possible gamut of colors that the display will support while maintaining a listing of all applications that are installed on the computer with a profile setting for each software product. This will then provide a user with the ability to manually change the individual settings for applications that have been installed and tweak the display to their individual preferences.

However, as of this writing, there is no word as to which companies will be seeking the Technicolor certification for their products. It is my belief that if Portrait Displays can get the major OEMs to submit their products for certification, users will finally be able to rely on a certification process that will enable them to purchase the best display panel for them when buying a new PC.

What is your opinion of having a certification process to determine the best display for the computer you wish to purchase?

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