Target Promotes Online Shopping with In-store QR CodesImagine heading down the toy aisle and seeing the perfect gift for your niece or nephew living in another state. The thought of having to ship it to them after buying it in the store is much less appealing than buying it online. You may even come up to an empty shelf as the store had sold out of that one special toy your child asked for this holiday season.

What if the store had a QR code that sent you directly to where you could buy it and have it shipped to them hassle-free? Would that make life a little more convenient for you? Target is betting on this by putting QR Codes next to the top 20 toys of the year.

Another advantage of this would be in cases where a certain youngster is a bit too nosey to be trusted not to go through shopping bags when their parents get home. By having the product shipped directly to the house, it provides for a bit more mystery. I know I was a nosey child, and I would do anything I could to get a glimpse at whatever it was I’d be receiving. This helps make it a lot more difficult, not to mention that the shipped products come in a fairly discrete box.

This makes it an invaluable benefit to parents, but also to people who would greatly prefer to have something shipped to them rather than have to hide it and store it until such a time as they can get around to wrapping the gift. In addition, shipping is free so it doesn’t come at an added cost to the buyer.

Target’s online store sells over 10,000 different toys while its retail stores can only house about 2,500 at most. This means that there are many products (some of which are exclusive to Target) that you would need to go online for. Target is betting that this initiative might encourage more customers to take a look at its more extensive online catalog. This also significantly reduces the stress on the retail stores during the holiday season as checkout lines and aisles tend to get clogged very quickly.

What about you? Do you still do your holiday shopping in a physical store? Would QR codes like these make your life a little easier?

Image: Bobak Ha’Eri