Clear Sends Mass Payment Failure Emails to CustomersI received a series of emails from Clear this afternoon, starting with a few indicating that my payment had failed to go through. This is interesting, considering that I cancelled my service with Clear well over a month ago in good standing. To my surprise, four more emails rushed in, asking me if I was missing my Internet connection. A few minutes later, I rushed to Clear’s website only to discover that it was down and I couldn’t investigate the issue, even if I legitimately wanted to.

So I took to Twitter to pose my question. As it turns out, this is the result of a widespread issue occurring within Clear services, and I was not alone. Customers (both present and previous) have received the same communications indicating that a payment had failed to process.

What’s important to note here is that these emails were sent in error, and will likely be resolved as Clear locates and resolves the cause of the issue. In short: don’t worry.

Subscribers have reported that their Internet connection has remained unaffected.

Needless to say, this is being described by Clear’s official Twitter account as an email issue, despite the primary site being down as well. Over the past hour, customer service has been working diligently to answer each tweet it’s received from its current and previous customers.

There’s no current explanation being offered by Clear as to why this happened or how long the official site will remain offline.

Why did this happen? We’ll update this post when more details become available.