One of the most important lessons of ergonomics is to keep your monitor at eye level. You shouldn’t be facing up or down when looking at the screen all day. This could lead to neck and back pain, which can last long after your time in front of the screen.

Enter the HiRise for iMac by Twelve South. This gadget looks like a miniature Mac Pro, but it can perform a variety of tasks for you in addition to giving your iMac a boost in height so it sits evenly with your eyes on lower desk surfaces.

How to Put Your iMac to Eye Level with HiRiseThe HiRise supports iMacs (modern design) of various sizes and as well as Apple Cinema Displays. You can even use it to bring your Thunderbolt display to an exact even level as your iMac for perfect side-by-side dual-screen use.

The aluminum design is built to house not only the monitor, but it can even be used to hold a Mac mini away from sight. This makes for easy and aesthetic use of multiple machines in a single workstation more convenient, without the need for extra desk space. A series of air holes (mimicking the design of the Mac Pro) means air flow won’t be sacrificed, even with the protective panels in place.

The unit is 3.34 x 9.4 x 8.6 inches and weighs 3.7 pounds. It’s constructed of top and bottom interlocking pieces with an adjustable shelf and two screw-fastened panels. The back panel features a gap allowing you to pass through cables and improve air flow should you use the storage space for an external hard drive or even a Mac Mini.

What I Like About It

I like the fact that, despite being an aluminum box, it is extremely adjustable. You can use it to prop your iMac up to the perfect height while taking advantage of the interior storage space for a variety of items. An adjustable shelf inside can be moved very easily, and screwing the front and back plates on maximizes stability and makes sure your iMac doesn’t fall out of place.

The HiRise fits perfectly with the overall Apple design theme. It doesn’t look out of place, even in a cramped work environment. If anything, it adds to the aesthetic quality of the iMac. Being able to hide away an external drive or even a Mac mini means maintaining that clean look that makes Apple products so appealing to most consumers.

What I Don’t Like About It

A price tag of $79.99 is a bit much for a monitor stand, regardless of how good it may look. I have two monitor stands on my desk, and I would still have money left over compared to the cost of this stand.

The handles put on each of the panels might make perfect sense if it mimics the Mac Pro, but I can see these things catching on everything. My desk is constantly being used as a dumping ground for cables and other catchy things and a monitor stand that has someone sticking out that far on either side means potential snagging as kids grab and go.

When all is said and done, the HiRise is without a doubt the most stylish monitor stand I’ve seen yet. It incorporates a lot of the best Apple has to offer with features and functionality some users would consider essential. It all boils down to how much something like this is worth to you. Chances are, quite a few people will want one of these.