Google Field Trip is a Must Have AppDuring the past decade, my wife and I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to both coasts of the United States. In our travels, mostly to visit with our children who keep moving, we have noticed that all of the various cities are unique in their own way. Every city has different restaurants (minus the traditional chain restaurants), different shops, and precious landmarks for those who are from out of town to explore. However, without a guide to direct you to points of interest, how would you find them or the places that natives to the city aren’t willing to share? Fortunately, there is now an application called Field Trip to help guide us to those secret spots and mom and pop restaurants favored by the locals.

This application is currently only available for Android users, but the developers have stated that an iOS application is in the works. So, if you are an Android user, what will this application bring to the table that would make you want to pay for it? Well, the application works in conjunction with other sources to bring users such things as locations to architectural styles of interest (like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco), historic places, and theater locations. It will also guide the tourist to examples of outdoor art, to special events of cultural interest such as luaus, and help in finding information about obscure places and happenings.

However, there are times when you may find that you are receiving too much information. In this case, the application can be fine tuned so that you will only receive the notifications of your choosing and not become overburdened with extensive texts. This feature was important to me because I believe that too much information can cause just as much confusion as too little information. I enjoy having the opportunity to choose if I want to receive the full gamut of information, just a few nudges to direct me to interesting sites, or no notifications at all.

In addition, this application will even let you choose how to view the information. One selection allows you to receive information on a map of interests or activities near where you are standing; another selection can be set to only notify you when you are near a specific location. However, for the more daring, this application can act as a GPS and provide a driver with the needed trip information. Not only that, however, but while driving, the vehicle’s passengers will be able to learn facts about the area around them that might otherwise have been missed.

My favorite part of this application, though, is its price. It is free and to use it; you simply have to download the application to your device.

This seems like a great deal to me since last year my wife and I had the opportunity to visit Boston on a day trip. As our time was so limited, we opted to take a bus tour and since we had our two grown children with us, it cost a whopping $72. Reflecting back on that, I wonder how those funds would have been spent if we had availability to this application. I know that my wife would suggest that we return to the Italian section of Boston and spend a large portion of it on the best cannoli that we have ever tasted.

While a little off the point, I have to let you know that the cannoli at this establishment cannot be compared to any other — in texture or flavor. In fact, by the time we got back to Connecticut, we really wished that we had bought extras for the following night. I do know which is better — Mike’s or Modern — but I plan on revisiting them on my next trip to Boston. I would definitely recommend that you do the same since the only thing you have to lose is a small amount of cash even though you will most likely also gain a few pounds and a couple of inches around your waistline (none of which should be avoided when it comes to cannolis).

Anyway, something as simple as finding the best cannoli can be accomplished by using this neat little application. I know that if I had installed this application before my trip, I would have been intrigued and sought the establishment out. Now, however, there is no way that I wouldn’t hunt hill and dale to find where I could purchase another cannoli that lived up to this gastronomical delight. So, if you want a heads up on such special treats, it will be worth your time to download this application to your Android device. Stay tuned, Apple users; there could come a time in the near future when it will be offered for your devices, as well.

Source: Field Trip

CC licensed Flickr photo above shared by nats