How to Turn Your iPhone or iPad into a WebcamDid you know that you can use your iOS device as a wireless webcam for your computer? You can, and it’s actually quite easy to do.

There’s an app out there called iWebcamera by drahtwerk. It’s fairly cheap ($4.99) and it enables your iOS device to connect directly to a computer on your network and act like a standard webcam. It does this by way of some drivers designed to take the video output from the iPhone and mount it as a webcam on your computer.

iWebcamera works with both Windows (XP or greater) and OS X (Leopard or greater). For Windows, you’ll need .NET framework 3.5 or greater installed, and the link is available on the iWebcamera site.

Here’s how to make it work.

  • Purchase the iOS app from the App Store.
  • Download and install the drivers from the official site.
  • Launch the app on your iPhone and select your desired quality options.
  • Launch the application or site that you wish to use the webcam from on your computer.
  • Select iWebcamera as your webcam source.
  • Enjoy.

That’s it. You now officially turned your iOS device into a webcam. This is useful for online meetings and other situations where you might not have an app specifically available for your mobile phone, but still want to provide a webcam for the other people in the conversation.

I’d find it especially useful as kind of a makeshift security camera. After all, you wouldn’t want someone sneaking up on you, would you?

Do you know of another method to turn your iOS device into a webcam for your desktop computer? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Image: iWebcamera