Like every other iOS device, the third generation iPad has received an update of its own to parallel the design of the newly announced iPad mini.

The fourth generation iPad is a small update that impacts the processor and sync connector, but not much else.

A new A6X processor has been placed in the iPad, giving it reportedly double the speed of the last generation in both computing and graphics performance.

In fact, it boasts dual-core computing performance with a quad-core graphics processing unit. If it really does double the performance of previous models, it could set the iPad up as an even more believable choice as a laptop replacement with the right accessories.

Battery life hasn’t taken a hit with this update. Apple claims 10 hours of battery life, which puts it at an even field with the iPad 2 and last-generation iPad.

What might be more interesting than anything is how quickly the update came to the iPad line. It wasn’t very long ago that the last generation iPad was announced. It’s now obsolete with the iPad mini inheriting much of the zing from the iPad 2 and the new iPad completely replacing the third generation one.

The addition of 4G LTE support is also a welcome change for users tired of slow 3G connections.

Pricing remains on par with the current iPad models.

  • 16 GB Wi-Fi: $499
  • 32 GB Wi-Fi: $599
  • 64 GB Wi-Fi: $699
  • 16 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $629
  • 32 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $729
  • 64 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $829

Will you be picking up a new iPad this holiday season? Are you upset over the quick turnaround of the last generation iPad?

Image: Apple