Mont Blanc World Second Documents One Moment in TimeSmartphones, with the ability to take pictures that often rival ones taken with advanced point-and-shoot cameras, have become a ubiquitous part of our world. Everyone wants to document every moment and every emotion, and doing so in the digital age is so easy. Mont Blanc, a company made famous by its luxurious writing tools, also makes beautiful watches. Now it wants to combine technology and art.

The idea is that users install an app, which will be available for Android and iOS soon, and at one specific instant, a photo will be taken. An online gallery will present the resulting images in a mosaic, and this could become something beautiful from an artistic and a technological perspective. The idea is similar to Instagram, but the images would be taken at the very same moment.

There have been several projects in the past when whole days were documented in videos. On YouTube, 10.10.10 was produced by Ridley Scott, the famed director of Alien and Gladiator. The One Day On Earth was repeated on 11.11.11, and it will be repeated again this year on 12.12.12. The ensuing films are made free to watch on YouTube. There definitely seems to be a great interest in participating in these digital flashmob events.

I personally believe that such projects are a great way to inspire creativity among the general public. Furthermore, it motivates youth to get out and discover their neighborhood when they are able to share their personal moments with a world audience. Mont Blanc World Second wants to take this same idea even further, and document not days, but rather one specific moment in time. All these photos will result in a unique photo journey around the world. Unfortunately, there’s no information yet about when the first World Second will occur. As soon as more details are revealed, I know that I cannot restrain myself from joining. It’s such an easy and fun way to engage in a worldwide activity, while feeling a little more connected with the world. These are the moments when humanity has pushed the envelope, and made it a better world. It may sound a little idealistic, but in truth these worldwide projects motivate two good values in life: equality and creativity.