Microsoft has taken great strides to make Windows 8 easier for users. Though the interface itself might be a bit confusing to some, there are more keyboard shortcuts than ever to help you get things done quickly and easily — once you know them.

Taking screenshots hasn’t really changed between Windows 7 and Windows 8, though it’s still a popular topic among users wishing to capture a moment on their screen for sharing and posterity.

Here are a few ways to take screenshots in Windows 8.

Print Screen

The Print Screen button (also seen in abbreviation) is an instant hotkey to putting your desktop in a virtual clipboard so you can paste it into an image editor such as paint and produce an image that is cropped to your liking. This is perhaps the best-known way to take a screenshot in Windows, and it’s certainly one of the most popular.

In Windows 8, there are also some keyboard shortcuts that extend the basic function of this little button.

  • Print Screen – Copies entire screen to Clipboard.
  • Alt + Print Screen – Copies only active windows to Clipboard.
  • Windows + Print Screen – Saves entire screen to Pictures folder (PNG) and Clipboard.


I’m a huge fan of Greenshot. This free piece of screen capture software allows you to mimic the screenshot capabilities of OS X in Windows. It works very well, and saves files where I want them to be saved in a certain format. It’s all about control. You can even customize the keyboard shortcuts that activate these features.

Greenshot enables you to annotate, highlight, and hide parts of your images before uploading them. You can even use it to export your captures to various photo sharing sites across the Web.

Greenshot is also free and open source. That should make it an easy choice for anyone who prefers a bit more control over their software.

These options should cover all the bases when it comes to taking a screenshot in Windows 8. If you have any Windows 8 questions that you’d like to see answered in a future article and/or video, please leave a comment and let us know!