Windows 8: How to Download the Free Windows 8 E-book Directly from MicrosoftReady, set, go! The new, extraordinary, long-awaited Windows 8 is now ready for purchase and download. In fact, even the installation disks are ready to be directly ordered from Microsoft. Of course, all of this hype is Microsoft placing the majority of its eggs into one basket as it introduces what some are calling a revolutionary change in the way that Windows will function, all the while hoping and praying that Windows 8 will be the operating system that will catapult the company into the tablet era.

If you remember, Microsoft has done this in the past, specifically when it successfully turned the industry on its ear back in 1995 with the introduction of the Windows 95 operating system. However, no matter what your opinion of Windows 8 may be, the fact remains that this is the path that Microsoft has chosen on which to bet its future success. If the company succeeds, it will be a competitive force in the marketplace. If not, it could slip into obscurity. Whichever scenario unfolds, Microsoft’s success (for both the tablet and desktop marketplace) is already carved in stone.

While I have been a Windows user since Microsoft first introduced the concept back in the ’80s, I must admit that Windows 8 will leave even some of its faithful with an unpleasant taste in their mouths. In fact, some of you who make the switch may be in for a shock when you discover how cumbersome navigating the new operating system — especially on a desktop or laptop system without touch — can be.

If you have already installed the new operating system, I am sure that shock was multiplied when you discovered that you were going to need to navigate not one, but two, different environments: one using Live Tiles and the other using the traditional Windows Desktop (that looks surprisingly a lot like Windows 7). Due to this similarity, one would expect the system to operate in a similar manner to its predecessor, but unfortunately, Microsoft has made changes to the Desktop environment that will cause issues for some. The first of these issues is how to get to your program list since there is no Start button. To give you a preview of how this system works, you can view the following YouTube video that shows what may happen to some of you as you take your first spin around the new operating system.

Microsoft is aware of the struggle that some may experience when first attempting to navigate this new operating system, and has taken peremptory action by offering a free Windows 8 guide for IT Professionals. This guide covers many of the features that you most likely will be using, and is available for all versions of Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows Enterprise, and Windows RT. In addition, the manual offers some tips and tricks as well as revealing some of the hidden features as it guides you through the new operating system.

After having printed off and read the manual, which consists of 147 pages of information, I am sure that you will find it useful when exploring Windows 8 with all of its newest features. You will also find that the manual includes information on those features that Microsoft has chosen to eliminate, which will keep you from searching for something that is no longer incorporated into the program. As always, if you have insights into the working of Windows 8 or thoughts on this article, I would appreciate hearing from you.

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Source and download: Microsoft

Image courtesy of Microsoft Corp.