New Baby in the House? Audio Monitoring Via iOS AppBringing a new baby home, especially if it is your first, is always an exciting — but nerve-wracking — experience. First, you have to figure out the car seat to even get the baby in the car. Then, once home, you often have to deal with a lot of well-wishers who, while they mean well, just add to the confusion of what to do next.

My daughter is expecting her second baby in April. With the first, she used an intercom TV system to monitor the baby in her nursery. However, with this new baby, she is planning on having him sleep in a room downstairs while she sleeps and works upstairs. Yes, she could probably get away with using the same system she did with her first, but that would mean having to maneuver multiple units between the two levels. This is difficult since she works from home and has to be in her office for a considerable amount of time.

To address her situation and those in like situations, the folks over at Belkin have come up with a product that could make monitoring a new baby a lot easier. The new device is designed to monitor audio sounds, such as when a baby cries, and then alert a parent or babysitter that the child may be in distress. What makes this audio system different is that the receiver is an application that installs on your Apple iPhone, iPod, or iPad. For my daughter, who makes her living using the phone, this would be perfect since she wouldn’t have to worry about clicking on another device in order to check on the baby.

Belkin calls its new device the WeMo Baby Monitor, which works by conveniently connecting to your wireless network via your home router. Then, after connecting the transmitter to your network, you simply need to download the free application onto your Apple device to start monitoring your baby. Once this is done, simply keep your Apple device near you and you are free to complete your household chores, gardening projects, or work in your garage knowing that if your baby needs you, you will hear the crying sounds right from your Apple device.

When my children were little, my wife had a crib, bassinet, bouncy seat, or whatever in every room so she could always monitor them. For our daughter, who is a great mom, there is no way that she could perform her job and do this. For her, the biggest advantage of the WeMo phone device is that it will give her the ability to listen for her baby crying while still doing her job. For other moms or dads out there, it could be that they would just appreciate the fact that they wouldn’t need to carry additional devices around with them to check up on how their little one is doing.

The disadvantage that I see, however, is that her previous unit had a video display that enabled her to see what the little one was doing. As he or she gets older, this is nice, especially if they develop into climber and tend to want to climb out of their crib. In fact, my daughter is still using the unit I bought, that was equipped with a camera, to keep tabs on her busy three-year-old. However, due to her increasing workload, I believe that she is also planning on purchasing the WeMo Baby Monitor for those hours that she has to spend on the phone; she’ll still use the camera unit when she has discretionary time.

Would I suggest that a new mom or dad have one? As always, it depends on your family dynamics. If you are a parent who works at home, I see great advantages to having this unit. If you tend to work out in your garden or yard, I can also see an advantage since it allows you to keep the monitoring unit in your pocket while your hands are busy. However, personally, I like the ability to see the little one sleeping or moving around so that I can know for certain that they are safe. The decision is yours. If you have already purchased this unit, please comment so that others can know your experienced opinion.

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Source and image courtesy of Belkin