Apple iPhone and iPad: Digital Baby Memory Box AppWhen you’re a parent sitting back to reminisce nostalgically about days gone by, baby books have always been great reminders of those first precious months that you enjoyed with your child. However, the problem with our modern, mobile society is that it’s easier than ever to lose or misplace such valuable keepsakes so that, by the time the child is grown, they can’t be found.

Another problem for parents who want to record their baby’s firsts is that they are so busy just surviving those early days that they often put off or forget to record special events in these books. When this happens, parents often lose the mementos or memories that they had hoped to store in the child’s book — be it an actual physical lock of hair, a journal listing of all the various firsts that the newborn completed, or a prized album (or disk, or memory card) of digital photographs. If this has happened to you, though, don’t feel like you have failed. In fact, I would be surprised if the majority of parents who start off with good intentions don’t falter in this. Remember: You are trying to cope with many sleepless nights, mountains of diapers, and messy feedings. In this type of exhausted fog, it is no wonder that the effort necessary to record each new milestone becomes too overwhelming and takes a backseat to the everyday need to survive.

Thankfully, for those parents who are still determined to try and record these firsts, there is a company out there that believes its application can help. The application is called mementobox and is currently available for the Apple iPhone and iPad device stands. However, there has been such a high demand for mementobox that the company is developing an Android application that it plans to offer in the very near future.

The application’s developers have divided the application into three distinct categories.

The first category is entitled My Arrival, and it records the events leading up to the newborn’s actual arrival and entry into the human race. One advantage to this section that makes it superior to the old handwritten baby book is that, in addition to storing the requisite photos, the application can log messages from family and friends, record gifts received, and keep track of thank you notes that have been sent.

The next section is called My First Year and, as can be surmised, covers the child’s first year on planet Earth. For anyone who has had a child, we already know most of the firsts. These include the baby’s first steps, first trips, first shots, first illnesses, and first words (of course no one would expect these to be mama or dada). I know that many of these could be missed without serious problems arising, but I would suggest that you keep track of shots or illnesses since knowledge of these will be required by schools and doctors in the future. For example, shingles is a leftover effect of having had chickenpox, mumps could lead to male infertility, and whooping cough is once again on the rise.

The last section is called My World, and it covers any special event in which your young one participated. These events could include a trip to the zoo or a Christmas parade. They can then be linked by date and logged onto the application itself.

Currently, while the application stores all of the information on the Apple iPhone itself, the creators recommend that the information be backed up to a cloud storage service such as Dropbox. I believe that this is a wise decision as well since you never know what could happen to your phone. I know my nephew dropped his in the toilet and lost all of his information; my daughter lost hers and never had it returned. As a result, they were both up the proverbial creek without a paddle. However, if they had stored the information on the cloud, they could have restored it to a new phone and life would have seemed much kinder.

To immediately begin recording your child’s precious firsts, you can purchase the application for your cellphone for a mere $3.99. This is another advantage since the standard baby book can cost up to $50.00. However, since the Apple App Store did not have enough reviews of the application (as of November 1st, 2012) to provide a user with an average rating, I cannot tell you what other new parents have experienced. If I believe the hype though and the promises the company touts, then I would think that the cost alone makes it a viable option to the often lost printed baby book. If any of you have used or taken a look at this application, please comment so that I can share this information with other readers.

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Source and image: mementobox

Source: gizmag