Apple iPad mini: Are Women the Primary Buyers?It is possible that the smaller iPad mini design will help people, such as my wife, avoid repetitive injury (due to constantly holding the weight of the 10″ iPad). Of course, her bone structure is not given to wielding a jackhammer, so any consistent extra weight-bearing places an extra strain on her arm and shoulder. With this being said, it only took a year of her being attached to the 10″ iPad before she began to experience issues. Now be aware that even she would acknowledge that the company suggests that the user finds a surface to support its weight, but if you need it to play games, read, search the Internet, use as a recipe book, get your email, etc., that isn’t practical. So for her, this means that the smaller design may keep her from further straining those injured muscles.

However, this is only one reason that woman may be drawn to the iPad mini. I polled members of Gnomies in our Facebook group to ascertain their thoughts on the matter, but you can leave comments below if you’d like to add to the conversation and you don’t happen to be a member.

You may recall that Apple recently introduced to its fine line of products its newest and smallest tablet and, according to some reports, the sales of this 7″ mini are brisk. The result of these quick sales is that many have been led to question Steve Jobs’ statement that a tablet smaller than 9″ would prove to be too small for consumers to use.

This brings me back to the Gnomies Facebook discussion board. One of the members gave a glowing report of his personal experience in purchasing four of the new Apple iPad minis; one response came from none other than Chris Pirillo, who stated, “They’ll sell. Females are the primary target, I’m sure.” I found the comment interesting and decided to see if I could find out for myself if this might be true or not.

To accomplish this, I set an original goal to contact 20 Apple retail stores — five in California (since that state is a technology hub), and 15 from other states around the country. I started by randomly picking five Apple retail stores throughout the Golden State; four of the five California stores had not received any of the Apple iPad minis. Each of these stores did tell me, however, that I could order a unit from the online Apple Store.

Not to be dissuaded from my task, I contacted five additional Apple retail states located in California, this time concentrating on the larger metropolitan areas. From this selection of retailers I received positive feedback from four of the five stores. Apparently, being in a densely populated area has its advantages since these stores were actually selling the mini and had the product in stock. Once I had established that there were stores in California that had the mini in their possession, I continued on my quest and contacted stores in the states of Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.

The questions I posed to each of the Apple employees I contacted were: 1) Do you have the Apple iPad mini in stock? 2) Are you selling more of the iPad minis to women due to their lighter weight and smaller size, or to men because they always seem to want the latest in electronic gadgets?

In total, I contacted 34 Apple retail stores and received the following results:

19 of the stores I contacted actually had the Apple iPad mini in stock; the stores with a significant amount of inventory were located in major cities.

As to who was purchasing the mini, the Apple employees I spoke with provided me with their own personal sales experience.

  • Six store employees stated that men were buying the Apple iPad mini more than women.
  • Six store employees stated that women were buying the Apple iPad more than men.
  • Seven store employees stated that they had no idea which sex was buying the Apple iPad.

This unscientific survey did not establish, one way or another, which gender was more prone to buying the Apple iPad mini over the other. With these results in hand, I came to the conclusion that it is still too early to make a valid determination if men or women prefer the mini, so I have decided to do this. I have marked my calendar to take a second survey of the same stores in about six months. I am hoping that, by that time, the number of Apple stores that actually have the mini in stock will have increased. Another reason I would like to revisit this issue is that I expect Apple to produce and distribute more minis as the holiday season approaches and I believe that this will give me a better feel as to how popular they are going to be.

If you are of the female gender, do you think that the iPad mini will prove less fatiguing for you to use? Do you think that it will be easier to transport? Do you think that it is a logical improvement to the 10″ size iPad? Would you take it with you to your work environment? Do you plan to purchase one for yourself?

If you are of the male gender, do you like the fact that it is an innovative product? Do you think that it will be more convenient to take the work environment with you? Would you be more inclined to purchase the product for your significant other rather than for yourself?

Comments are welcome.

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