Optimus G: LG's Latest Attempt at More of the Android PieLG is trying to eat more from the Android pie with the release of its new flagship phone, the LG Optimus G. The phones will be distributed though AT&T and Sprint, with the Sprint phone getting a bigger 13 MP camera while AT&T sticks with an 8 MP shooter.

So is LG ready to take on Samsung for the top Android phone title? Let’s find out.


This phone features LG’s familiar square slate design, but what will really grab your attention is its gorgeous back cover. It is pretty simple, but pretty elegant. The back cover is made of Gorilla Glass and, via its Crystal Reflection Design, it can give you a different look at the phone based on the angles and available light.

Gorilla Glass 2 protects its HD IPS screen that comes with a pixel density of 320 ppi. According to LG, this is a true HD IPS display with its 1,280 x 768 pixel resolution, and it did not disappoint. The colors are very crisp and clear.

The phone is a little on the heavy side at 5.44 ounces, which is probably because of the glass covers.


Here comes the tricky part. Sprint’s version has a 13 megapixel camera, while AT&T does not. According to CNET’s Jessica Dolcourt, you might have to take the 13 MP shooter outdoors to appreciate the difference.

My unit has an 8 MP camera, which is standard fare for most flagship phones including the Samsung Galaxy S III and the recently released iPhone 5. It has great camera features from geo-tagging to choosing your resolution from 1-8 MP. You can take panoramic shots or turn on HDR mode. You can also take a burst shot, where the camera takes six continuous shots at a time. It also has Voice Shutter — a feature that lets you set a voice trigger command to take shots. Just say “cheese” and it will take your picture. Oh, there is also a 1.3 MP camera at the front of the phone for your self-taken shots.

Call Quality

The phone gets a demerit for its call and speaker quality. There is some intermittent noise in the background when making calls. It is a minor thing, but it can be distracting. VoIP phone service calls made through the device shared a similar fate; the audio of the speakers sound flat and can be unclear at times.


There are a lot of fun features to play with on the new Optimus G. First, there is the Dual Screen Dual Display that allows you to mirror the contents of your screen to a Monitor or TV. There is also the QSlide feature that allows you to have two different screens display on your phone. Another very useful tool is the Quick Memo that allows you to write notes on documents and photos with your hands or a stylus (sold separately), then share them to your colleagues through email or though its file sharing apps, SmartShare and FileShare. All of these features are pretty handy for on-the-go people.


This phone is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 and is fast. Loading of websites takes an average of just 4-6 seconds when running on AT&T’s LTE network. Game apps run smoothly and there were no noticeable lags. The OS is still ICS and there is no word if it will get a Jelly Bean update soon.


The mere 2,100 mAh battery is disappointing. It cannot keep up with the quad-core chipset and had to be recharged even before it reached a day.


The display is gorgeous and the new features are interesting and useful; we’re just not sure if it is enough to give Samsung a run for its money. Nothing really stands out except the new processor. Speed wise, it may have even beat the Galaxy S III and HTC One X, however, the battery is not able to fully power the device for a day. With the right price from AT&T, though, it might be a steal.

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Image: LG