Essential Apps for Business Phone UsersWhen your company hands you a smartphone for office use, you may want to maximize its capabilities to help you out with work. You shouldn’t consider it as just a status symbol for your position within the company or as a way for your boss or colleagues to contact you. What you have in your hand is actually a tool for multitasking and making your work easier. You may not realize it, but with the right mobile applications, it could very well be a great personal assistant.

To help you understand just what your smartphone can do, here are some great apps for you to have:


When you attend meetings, one of the most important things you can have is a note pad. What makes Evernote an awesome note-taking app is that it consolidates all media you can record that’s related to a meeting or event into virtual notebooks that you can peruse later. You can take pictures, record voice or sound, and even store videos of presentation as part of your “notebooks.” Another great thing about this app is that you can access it from your work or home PC afterwards.


When you’re working with a lot of files that people need access to all the time, this file-sharing app may be a great choice for your office. You can give all your staff access to this account and let them see work files even from their own PCs and mobile phones.


Communication through smartphones doesn’t stop with mobile phone networks. You can actually make and receive calls for your company through a smartphone. The RingCentral app comes free with its cheap business phone system. You can manage all the phones in your office through a simple mobile app. You can answer calls using your business phone number at the office with your smartphone as if it were two phones in one.


Your smartphone can let you scan documents and send them directly to your email or even file-sharing apps like Dropbox. JotNot can let you copy notes, magazine articles, and other documents easily and upload them to the cloud for shared viewing. You can send large files in a variety of formats as well. This makes things much easier for you and cuts down on time you need to write down details.


You no longer have to lug a heavy laptop around just to be able to plug into a projector. With the right adaptor and app like SlideShark, you can use or handheld device to make presentations at meetings. You can even share or send the presentations via Bluetooth. What’s more, you can also actually edit the presentations right on your smartphone.

What apps increase your business productivity? Can you suggest any that I missed? Please leave a comment and let us know!