Living in a Mobile WorldWe’re living in a world that is constantly going mobile; as much as we geeks might be scared about this fact, it’s still true. I didn’t think I was, until recently. I sat down at my desktop computer and had trouble using it because it was frustrating — it wasn’t simple enough. I’m now used to having small, powerful computers that I can take everywhere I go — not machines that require me to sit down to access the Internet and get my work done. It makes me want to take more breaks or get a desk where I can stand.

I’ve been following LockerGnome for about five years. Much of what I know about technology has come from the LockerGnome YouTube channel. I’m a high school student, and if you’re a math nerd, you’ve probably already figured out that I have been following Chris since I was about 12. You’re close — 11-years-old, to be exact.

I have a Mac, an iPad, and an iPhone. I find myself to be one of the geekier people at my school; I am a power user in a general sense. I have two computers at my desk: one is a Linux-based server and the other is my Mac with a secondary monitor hooked up. I also have an external hard drive connected because of all the files I need. I have wireless peripherals and… you get the idea.

I usually use my desktop computer when I need to do homework or when I need a physical keyboard. I use my desktop computer to make my YouTube videos and check my channel. For anything else, I use my iOS devices. When I’m out of the house, I use my iPhone religiously. I don’t carry around anything else. My iPad is my entertainment center. I watch everything on it, from the Pirillo vlogs to TLDR to Minecraft Let’s Play videos. When I’m at home, my iPhone is my connection to social networks, texts, and email.

My iPhone is my main camera. I use a digital camera only when I need a tripod or if I need to take a lower light image. My iPhone 4 is my camera for videos, pictures, Instagram, QR codes, and many more image-based activities. I even do most of my photo editing on it with iPhoto or other image processing apps.

Over the past few weeks I have barely touched my desktop computer. On a weekday, my desktop computer is usually never woken up. Never thinking about what I do with my time, I still covet things like the new iMac and MacBook Pros. I should really be coveting new iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, because I am going mobile.

There really is an app for almost everything. As mobile hardware becomes more powerful, I can see us really losing the desktop machines. While I don’t think notebooks and Ultrabooks will be going away all that soon, one of Apple’s earliest ideas for a computer was: if you can’t pick it up, you shouldn’t have to use it.

I tested myself to see if I could get by without a desktop computer for three days. I went five. The only reason I needed a desktop computer was to change my Twitter password. Other than that, it was easy. If I spend $5 on iMovie for iOS, I could do some basic video editing and go longer without a desktop computer.

If you had to rid yourself of your desktops and notebooks, how would you get by? Would you go crazy, or easily get everything done on your phone and tablet? Do you need powerful apps like Photoshop or Final Cut to get built for a touch experience on a mobile device that isn’t hindered and does the same job as on a traditional computer?

My name is Daniel Johnson, and I am going mobile.

Daniel Johnson is a high school student, and he loves technology. He loves Apple, Google, Amazon, and everyone else. Competition is healthy! He’s constantly watching tech videos on YouTube.

Image: iPhone at Chez Mouquin, after William Glackens by Mike Licht,