The Biggest Changes in Technology That Will Shape Our FutureThere are a group of companies scattered throughout the world that are going to make major changes to the way we live and play. These companies are going to be building machines that were once only fictionalized in futuristic novels or comic books that many of us read in our youth. But now these marvels of invention are with us and will be coming to fruition sooner than many of us could have imagined. Here are a few of the inventions that I believe will be changing all of our lives for the better.

Space Travel

Virgin Galactic seems to be the first company that will actually open up space flights to the masses. Though the company has not announced if and when space flights will begin, Virgin Galactic has completed 15 tests flights thus far, which could indicate that the company could be getting closer to offering commercial flights.

Virgin Galactic has been taking bookings for future space flights that are currently costing $200k per person. But for those willing to wait, you can also book later future flights for $20k, with a goal of eventually offering flights in the $10k range once space travel becomes an everyday adventure.


Synthetic Genomes is a company that is focusing its abilities in the fields of bioengineering and also synthetic biology. One of the most challenging problems that the company is solving is using synthetic biology to develop synthetic fossil fuels. I am sure that all of us are keenly aware that the use of fossil fuels is an extremely pricey way to power our world’s machines. Having the ability to synthesize fossil fuels can be a backup for when the oil spout either dries up or is abruptly shut off.

In addition, the company is also looking into synthetic biology, which could potentially revolutionize the way we look at human genes and how the genes can be reprogrammed. There is also the possibility that future medicines will be synthesized to develop cures for illness. As we humans delve deeper into what makes a human being tick, we will be facing an awesome responsibility in how we use this new technology.

3D Printing

3D Printing could be the next revolution in computing as new and inexpensive 3D printers become available for professionals. Companies such as MakerBot and Formlabs are in the process of developing and offering new hardware that can make 3D printing a reality for many professionals.

So what makes 3D printing so exciting? 3D printing can take digital files, which contain a rendering of a physical object, and turn them into actual, physical objects. One could also take their own models that they have designed and produce physical objects on their own. One of the issues that will be surfacing is how the 3D printing will affect proprietary designs that could be turned into actual products. This could lead to a nightmare as companies will claim digital piracy violations against those who copy their designs.


Google Self Driving Cars have been a staple on the highways of California and could have the potential to expand across the United States. According to Google, these non-human, fully functional vehicles are safer than those operated by humans. Computers never get sleepy, lose focus, or get drunk behind the wheel.

Tesla Motors has been building cars that run on pure electricity with no need for gas with an additional new offering. Tesla is planning a network of charging stations in which the electricity is generated from sunlight and not by the use of fossil fuels. Tesla motors can sell any excess electricity produced back to the grid, which is a win-win proposition for all of us.

But will the car company be able to provide owners of its cars with free electricity in the future? This is what some claim is going to happen. Personally I will believe this when I see it. However, if this does happen, we will have cars that can run on a clean fuel, burn no fossil fuels, and be extremely quiet — which will help minimize noise in major cities.


We’ve written about it before, but Khan Academy is an example of how the future of education could potentially be online. The online educational source has been recognized across the country — and around the world — as a new way of learning. Khan Academy offers a fun way for students to learn, which is interactive and self-motivating for all students. The online school has the potential to replace the traditional schools and educators that have long been criticized for a multitude of deficiencies.

I am not here to argue the worth our our current educational system nor to judge the dedicated teachers who try to teach our youth. However, it is difficult not to see how the youth of today are not being presented with an educational system comparable to what other countries are offering their young students. If you are a parent of a young child or teen, I would highly recommend you see what Khan Academy has to offer.

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