iPad or Galaxy Tab?The iPad and the Galaxy Tab are the two most popular tablets available today that give the best range of functionality and design. Most of the time, you’re simply choosing between the two — not based on the operating systems, but the devices themselves.

To help you decide whether you want to give your money to Samsung or Apple, here is a small comparison based on a few categories:

Major Functions

Both the Galaxy Tab and iPad models are full-fledged tablet computers, letting you perform computing functions in a handheld package. Both use touchscreen controls and can use word processing, spreadsheet, and photo editing applications. What sets the Galaxy Tab apart from any iPad is that it’s still a phone. That’s right: you can make and receive calls on your Galaxy Tab, albeit in a cumbersome way. Text messaging is a breeze, but the clunky phone feature can be remedied by a headset with mic.


Samsung’s AMOLED display and the iPad’s Retina technology all have one-ups against each other. The Retina display is more dense and sharper than the AMOLED, but when it comes to viewing your screen in sunlight or glare, Samsung’s AMOLED wins. The best way to decide is by screen size and just how you like it when you stare at it. Both the Galaxy Tab family and the iPad have large and small screen versions.


Again, this is another question of iOS versus Android. Granted, most apps Like RingCentral phone services, MS OneNote, and Temple Run can run on both platforms, but you have to check and make sure that there aren’t any apps you want that will work on only one operating system. Keep in mind that some apps on Apple are locked for certain countries while the Google Play Store lets you buy apps without restrictions. But to look at these criteria through sheer numbers, the Apple App Store still has more mobile apps than the Google Play Store.

Ease of Use

Hands down, Apple still reigns in the category of user-friendliness. Toddlers can intuitively learn how to use an iPad while an Android device takes time to learn. Based on the version of Android installed, some functions may or may not be present as well. Apple usually sticks to one optimum OS version that you can count on if your device can support it.


What Samsung lacks in finesse, it makes up for in customization. You can control every aspect of your Galaxy Tab from the font size and color to the way your app icons look. For people who want complete control over their tablet experience, a Galaxy Tab is better than any iPad. Don’t be fooled with how Apple claims its iOS is beautiful and irresistible. It is, but if you want to make a tablet look like your own, Android is the way to go.

I’m sure there will be dissenting voices in the crowd. Go ahead. Leave a comment and we’ll talk this through!

Image of iPad and Galaxy Tab compared in size to an iPhone by liewcf