New Internet Ad Blocker and Why You Shouldn't Use ItThere are addons that work with most of the more popular browsers to block out advertisements while you surf the Internet. These software solutions can be configured either manually or by selecting from filter lists, which are pre-configured to block out Web-based advertisements.

There is a new, hardware-based product that expands beyond blocking out Internet advertisements. The product is called AdTrap and is currently seeking funding over at Kickstarter. The people who are trying to get AdTrap off the ground state that the device is a zero configuration hardware solution that promises to block out advertisements before they reach your home devices.

In theory, what AdTrap is hoping to accomplish is to block all advertisements from videos, music streams, websites, and mobile applications. This means that AdTrap is completely browser independent and works with any Wi-Fi connected devices. This means that even your tablet and cellphone would be ad-free when connected through your Wi-Fi network. Sounds great. Or does it?

Take a look at Chris’ video before reading further:

As Chris has explained in the video, advertising pays our costs here at LockerGnome and at most websites throughout the world. To deny this revenue source would prohibit websites such as ours to remain in business. There is a cost associated with any website that people like Chris need to pay in order to keep them up and running every day, every week, throughout the entire year. Completely blocking sponsored advertising would be a detriment not only to the content creators and the sponsors themselves, but to the readers and viewers who have come to depend on that content at no direct cost to themselves. If something like AdTrap were to catch on, we’d see the end of free information and a new Internet filled with nothing but pay sites.

If you truly care about the sites you visit, such as ours here at LockerGnome, you should not be using any type of ad blocker. Instead, you need to support those websites that provide valuable information and just no say to the blocking of ads. It is really that simple and we need your support.

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