Samsung Vs. Acer Chromebook: Which One Should You Buy?When it comes to the Google Chromebook, I would consider myself a semi-expert. I was one of the fortunate few who received the original Chromebook from Google for testing, called the Cr-48. Since the introduction of the final product, I have sat on the sidelines, waiting for the price of the Chromebook to reach a price point that all of those who used the Cr-48 agreed upon. The price point was between $200 and $250, which has finally arrived.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Chrome operating system, Google has evolved the OS from a simple browser experience into what now is more Android-like. Google has, over the past several years, changed, fixed, updated, revamped, and vastly improved on the user experience. The beautiful part about what Google is doing is that the company provides these updates for free.

During the past month, there have been two new Chromebooks introduced: one model from Samsung and another from Acer, and they share some commonality. Both come with a free 100 GB of Google Drive Cloud Storage for two years plus 12 free sessions of GoGO Inflight Internet offered by various airlines. Chris made an excellent observation in that these two freebies themselves just about pay for the cost of either of these two Chromebooks.

In addition, both the Samsung and Acer models have similar processors, the same amount of RAM, similar connectors including USB, HDMI, and VGA outputs, SD card readers, the same display resolution, and similar size and weight (Acer’s is half a pound heavier). However, the similarities end here and the Samsung model offers additional features.

The Samsung version is priced at $249 and the Acer at $199, but you get a better-featured unit from Samsung. The Samsung offers Bluetooth capabilities, comes with an SSD hard drive (Acer has a 320 GB ATA hard disk), and the biggest difference is in battery life. The Samsung offers 6.5 hours of battery power while the Acer offers just 4 hours of battery power. For those air warriors among you who plan on spending any time at the airport, that 2.5 hours could be critical if you need to complete an important work assignment or even when you are trying to complete the next level of Angry Birds.

Because of these differences, I believe that the Samsung Chromebook offers more value and performance features and is definitely worth the additional $50.

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Source: Google, Acer
Source: Google, Samsung