Green Throttle to Turn Your Android Device into a Gaming ConsoleThe introduction of Green Throttle, which comes with a simple application and an analog controller, plans to turn your Android phone into a gaming console. For anyone who owns an Android phone, Green Throttle promises to provide you with a mobile gaming experience, which the company claims will rival most consoles. In addition to great gaming, Green Throttle promises a great price, which may be as little as $49.95.

What Green Throttle offers is the precision control that a touchscreen cannot deliver. For anyone who has attempted to play a traditional console-type game on a touchscreen knows, the experience is lacking, to say the least. Green Throttle hopes to solve this problem and add true gaming to your Android phone.

But before you start to jump up and down, there are some hardware limitations. Your Android phone needs to be connected to your television for the best user experience, according to the company that produces the Green Throttle hardware. The company currently lists the Google Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, and the Galaxy Note as functioning properly with the controller. In addition, your phone must be using Android 3.2 or above and you must install the application to get the controller functioning.

The biggest benefit of using an Android phone as a gaming console is the fact that most folks upgrade their phones more than they do their consoles. New Android phones are being introduced at a fairly rapid pace, making the Android phone the most purchased phone in the world. With this in mind, even if you may not have a compatible phone today, in the near future you may own a phone that can double as a gaming console.

But hold on! This even gets better, since I just read in the Green Throttle press release that Android-powered tablets will also be supported. The requirement to use a Green Throttle controller is that your tablet needs to be equipped with a video out connection. If your current Android tablet device doesn’t have a video out connection, you may wish to make sure that the next Android tablet that you purchase includes this hardware. As an example, both the 7″ Amazon Kindle HD model and the new 8.9″ Amazon Kindle HD tablet come with micro-HDMI connectors.

So there you have it. I personally believe that this controller and associated application could potentially change the way that we play games.

What do you think? Can you see a Green Throttle controller in your future?

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