Which Smartphone Case is Right for You?Finding the right smartphone has never been easier. Either you buy into the iOS platform of an Apple iPhone or you go with Google and its Android flavor of offerings. Whatever ecosystem you choose, the one accessory you will need is a case to protect your newest cellphone from the dings, scratches, and drops associated with everyday life.

I once received a text from a friend of mine stating that she was going to be late for a meeting. She said that she needed to stop over at Walmart to buy a new protective case for her cellphone. When she arrived, I noticed that she had taken her once-beautiful piece of art and sculpture and covered it in an ugly piece of junky-looking rubber. She said she had to buy the cheapie cover (it is all Walmart had for its model cellphone) because she didn’t want her phone to “squirt out of [her] hand.”

The reality of mobile phone use is that it is not a matter of if we will drop our phone, but when we will drop it. As our current smartphones have become thinner and leaner in design, they also have become harder to hold. I know my personal cellphone is so thin and slippery that I now have my own “squirt out of my hand” device. Finding a cover to keep the squirt at bay has become an art.

The first group of cases I want to discuss are the ones made of rubber, gels, or skins. These cases cover and protect the vital parts of your phone and should protect your smartphone from everyday bruises, scratches, and bumps. The best part of these type of cases is that they offer a better grip on your phone and, it is hoped, will keep you from dropping it on the ground.

The next group of cases are what I call the tank protection cases. These cases come from companies like OtterBox and others, with the claim that they will provide maximum protection for your phone. While I do not have any evidence of my own to support or dismiss these claims, there is one thing that I do know: These cases are like taking a 2013 Chevrolet Corvette and wrapping it in layers of bubble wrap. The style of the car is completely gone, the shiny new paint is hidden, and the aesthetics of the vehicle are completely blurred. The bulk of these cases are akin to putting a baseball in your pocket or purse.

Another type of case is what I call the “I need to make a statement” variety. These cases come in many different styles and include, but are not limited to, skull and crossbones, flowers, zebra stripes, and so forth. The cases come in any color imaginable to make your phone stand out from the crowd. The only problem with these types of cases is that they are usually just thin plastic shells that offer little protection when a phone is dropped on a hard surface.

The final type of case is the one that I personally use to protect my cellphone. This type of case is made of polycarbonate plastic material with a rubberized coating that gives the cover a tacky feel. Though these cases do not offer the type of protection that others may offer, they do provide ample protection from life’s everyday mishaps. How do I know that these cases work?

Last year my wife was getting out of the car and her phone slid out of her purse. I would estimate that the phone dropped approximately four feet onto the concrete driveway. While the case was damaged, the phone remained completely intact without a mark. In addition, these type of cases can be found on Amazon or eBay for under $10.

So my question is this: Why take a $600 piece of art and bubble wrap it?

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Source: Gainesville.com

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