Evil Controllers: The Ultimate Gaming ControllerMost aftermarket game controllers have slowly evaporated from the marketplace, leaving few options for those seeking a better gaming experience. Evil Controllers has continued to supply customized controllers by listening to gamers and taking that feedback and employing what the company has learned into new products. The company’s latest controller has been designed specifically for the Xbox 360.

Evil has submitted its latest design on Kickstarter in the hopes of garnering funds to continue its development of a better controller. The company plans to incorporate a rechargeable battery pack that will also extend game play between chargers for up to 10 hours. In addition, the controller will provide a more comfortable design, lighter weight, and be easy to install.

You will have a few options if and when the project is fully funded. You can either purchase a completely new controller or, if you recently purchased a new controller, you can purchase the back plate DIY kit. The DIY kit requires no soldering and comes complete with the lithium battery laid in place.

One drawback is that while the Evil controller can charge via USB, you cannot plug in the controller on its own into a PC. The controller will not function, since the internals of the controller are from Microsoft and require an adapter to function properly. However, the HDE wireless receiver can be found at the Amazon website.

If this project is fully funded, I believe that Xbox 360 gamers will be in for a treat, since they will not need to purchase those AA batteries any longer.

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Source: Kickstarter