The Real Rundown of the Kindle Fire HD Shows Definite PromiseEver since Amazon first shook the tablet industry with the announcement of its attempt to make a tablet PC — the first Kindle Fire — it has been in the tablet scene spotlight. This is mainly because the Amazon Kindle Fire is perfectly respectable enough as a tablet PC to be recognized even though it may not be as strong in terms of performance compared to the larger, less “budget” type tablets that Apple and Samsung are churning out.

What the Kindle Fire Promised

It was so functional that it was even (at first) rumored to be an iPad killer. Although the Kindle Fire ultimately didn’t live up to the hype, the fact that the Kindle changed the game is still significant. This shows users that it was possible to have an adequately working tablet computer that, with the proper phone service, will be able communicate and function as well as the larger tablets for a lower price.

The New Kindle Fire

This was never more evident than with the Kindle Fire HD recently released by Amazon. Now that it is in the hands of users for full review, here are some of its impressive specs:

  • The screen — The Kindle Fire HD has a high-definition, 8.9 inch screen boasting an impressive 1920 x 1200p resolution. This ensures absolute clarity and sharpness when it comes to displays that could range from high-graphics websites to videos.
  • Magazine, music, and video capabilities — Now, before you start saying “but any tablet is expected to do that,” you should remember that Amazon’s Kindle was essentially what we all knew it as: an e-book reader. The last incarnations of the black and white Kindle had the “experimental settings” Web browser at the very least, but nothing Amazon had produced in the past was capable of the kind of things a tablet can do. The Kindle HD, on the other hand, is now capable of doing all this natively, which is quite a feat. This is especially attractive to users who want to look at picture e-books or color magazines bought straight from Amazon.
  • HDMI out — Yes, you can go ahead and connect your Kindle Fire HD to a big screen and play things, which means HD movies or TV shows can be viewed on any HD screen.

What to Expect

If you compare it to anything Amazon made pre-Fire, this is less a mere step forward and more a gargantuan leap of technological advancement. It is capable of running apps and runs on a skeleton of Android that has been modified to fit its “Kindle” look, has a gorgeous display, and has fully functional video and music capabilities. The screen itself is so large that it can no longer be called an e-reader. It is, without a doubt, a tablet PC.

The apps that are supposed to run on this Kindle make it extremely flexible and ultimately as useful as any other out there. If you’re looking for a tablet that can do the job well and still be affordable, the Kindle Fire HD is an excellent choice.