Induction Charging Bonsai Tree Using Solar PowerInduction charging is about to take center stage as more products like the Nexus 4, Lumia 920, and Droid DNA offer wireless charging capabilities. A new product over at Kickstarter is about to offer induction charging via a novel bonsai tree configuration that appears to have come right out of Star Wars. Called the electree+, the product promises to charge your devices using nothing but the sun’s rays.

What makes this new product so enticing is that the solar-powered tree stores the energy that is created via its miniature solar panels. The claim is that the storage abilities are good enough to charge an Apple iPhone up to nine times without recharging itself. In addition, the company also claims that the onboard battery can be fully charged in 36 hours or in just four hours of sunlight.

The electree+ is not limited to induction charging alone. Built into the device are two USB ports that allow just about any smartphone or tablet to be charged by electree+. One USB port is for low-charging devices like smartphones such as the iPhone, and the other is a faster port for charging tablets. A tablet iPad can be charged using a fully charged electree+ twice without recharging. Some of the other features that the electree+ will offer include:

  • Four different colors, plus black, will be offered in addition to the standard white base.
  • The base can be upgraded to an NFC chip to control other options such as enabling Wi-Fi, lights, music, and much more.
  • The electree+ will be made right here in the USA and not China.

What makes the electree+ an attractive gadget for charging your smartphone and tablet is the design itself. Resembling a bonsai tree makes the gadget attractive for many different types of decor and furnishings.

Projected pricing for the electree+ will be $199.

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Source: Kickstarter