Could This Be the Ultimate Sound System for the Apple iPad?With so many new products and accessories being introduced on a daily basis, it is sometimes hard to separate one product or accessory from another. But this is not the case with a new speaker system being introduced for the Apple iPad. The new product is called the ORA Ultimate Speaker and incorporates eight speakers into a case that surrounds the iPad.

When I first saw the ORA on Kickstarter, I thought to myself what a great idea it was. There are a large number of products on the market in which a user can connect their iPad to a speaker system via docking or Bluetooth. However, these type of speaker enhancements require a user to carry around an accessory along with the Apple iPad itself.

The ORA is completely new and different. In what I can only describe as a stylish case that surrounds the iPad, the big attraction is that the case encloses eight speakers which add to the dynamic sound. But there are also some minor downsides. The case adds about 1″ around the entire Apple iPad, which adds more bulk to the tablet. Though the back of the case has a built-in stand, removing the iPad from the speaker system could be a minor issue for some of us.

However, with this being said, the ORA is for the person who enjoys taking their music with them and wants their iPad to produce higher quality sound than what the iPad by itself offers. Also for the avid gamer, ORA will add new sound dynamics to your game playing and should enhance the gaming experience. According to the people who make the ORA, volume is about five times louder than what the iPad offers by itself, making this a true entertainment accessory.

But what further adds to the portability of the ORA Ultimate Speaker system is that the unit incorporates its own built-in battery system. In addition, the speaker battery is charged using the same Apple iPad connector so no additional charging cord is needed. Plus, the battery of the Apple iPad is not drained while using the speaker system.

ORA offers the ability to adjust the sound from landscape to portrait mode and back again. In addition, the speakers provide wide stereo sound while having the ability to equalize the highs and the lows. The unit also offers 10 hours of play time between charges so you will be able to listen to your tunes or gaming sounds for most of the day. Plus, you still have the ability to listen to your music or gaming sounds via headphones.

So what do you think? Would you buy the ORA for your iPad?

Source: Kickstarter