Home Aquaponics Kit: Self-Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows FoodThe first time I took a look at this project that is seeking funding on Kickstarter, the words “self-cleaning fish tank” immediately stuck out. I have owned several fish tanks during my lifetime, only to find that trying to keep a tank clean and the fish healthy is a major chore. My last experience was with trying to keep a lonely betta fish alive, which died unexpectedly — even after we babied the fish from the moment we brought it home.

If you check the the photograph closely, you will notice that a betta fish is the lone occupant in this fish tank. According to the creators of the Home Aquaponics Kit, this fish tank can provide the nutrients needed to grow healthy food such as beans, basil, thyme, baby greens, oregano, mint, parsley, spinach, and many other types of fresh produce.

Here is how the creators of this kit explain how the unit works:

  • So what’s happening? The fish, they poo and they pee, and all that waste water gets broken down by beneficial bacteria into nutrients
  • The waste water from the fish is then pumped up and upcycled as an awesome organic fertilizer for the plants. The plants take up the nutrients and, at the same time, clean the water, which then falls back down for the fish.
  • There is no soil — the plants are growing just on rocks — all the nutrients come from the fish (no need for any artificial fertilizers — it’s all organic)!
  • There is no need to clean the water because of the plants — it’s a self-cleaning fish tank!

The only thing that is required by the owner of the fish tank is to make sure that the fish are fed. The kit does include the following parts to get started:

  • The tank and garden top, which is said to be “food and pet safe!”
  • An air pump to bring up nutrients and oxygenate the water.
  • Five pots with pebbles (from which the plants will grow).
  • Organic seeds (a mixture of various herbs).
  • Fish food and water conditioners.

The creators of the Home Aquaponics kit want the user to have a pleasant experience and have made the kit simple to assemble. In addition, the creators state that this is a three-gallon tank, it can hold one large fish or three smaller fish, and can grow up to five plants of your choosing. The recommendation is also made that the tank be placed near a window in order for the plants to receive plenty of sunlight.

I believe that this fish tank and plant-growing combination received quick and adequate funding since, in my opinion, this is a great idea. I know that my wife and I grow our own herbs and we can really tell the difference in taste compared to the dried herbs sold in the local supermarket.

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Source: Kickstarter