Is the iPad a Toy? KindaNo matter what kind of toy we purchase for our kids or grandkids, the young ones will be more attracted to their parents’ or grandparents’ smartphone or tablet computer. In an age where the novelty has worn off for most of us in using a smartphone or tablet, for the kiddies it is still a novelty and a novelty that they enjoy. So how can a parent or grandparent buy a toy that extends over to a smartphone or tablet?

The people at a company called iTikes has come up with a solution that can help those parents and grandparents who own an Apple product to turn their smartphone or tablet into a child’s entertainment center. When you purchase the iTikes line of toys, you get a keyboard, map, microscope, and art canvas, which are standalone toys to keep the child entertained for hours. But the iTikes games can be expanded over to an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod to expand the fun time that a child can experience.

Here is an example of how iTikes works in conjunction with a free Apple application. The keyboard is just like any other child’s keyboard and the keyboard will entertain the child by providing sounds and it allows the child to play along to music. When one adds the iOS application, the keyboard becomes a teaching aid and can help a child to learn musical notes, sounds, pitch, and other valuable tools.

When a child uses the iTikes microscope, he or she will be able to view slide strips (three are provided) in 100x, 200x, and 300x powers. When the iOS application is used, animations are provided along with more facts and images. The child will soon learn more about the subjects provided when the iOS application is used. This expansion of knowledge is what makes the iTikes unique for those who are Apple fans and own one of Apple’s devices.

Pricing for the iTikes ranges from $30 for the iTikes canvas up to $90 for the microscope set. All of the iTikes products can be found at either Amazon or Walmart.

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Source: iTikes