Box-O-Zombies: the GameBox-O-Zombies is a story about a man and his dog. Though this type of story might sound familiar, the journey that the man and dog take is different than what most of us would consider normal. The first surprise that you discover is that the dog can talk. Toss in some zombies, have the man and dog not remember who they are or where they are, and you end up having the makings for a great story and game.

So what will you be doing in the game?

  • Managing time wisely while collecting necessary resources.
  • Upgrading town structures.
  • Planning for inevitable interruption by surprise zombie herds.
  • Choosing who lives and who dies (with scarce resources, not everyone is worth saving).

So with the preliminaries behind us, there are a few other things one must take into account. Building a town is useful if you can’t defend an existing town against the zombie hordes. Next, you must have some type of risk, because without risk there is no challenge.

What also makes the game exciting is that you can act out your own various ways to survive. Just think of what you would do if suddenly you were under attack by a horde of zombies and what you would do to survive. In addition, the game will help you think outside of the box and get your creative juices flowing.

Now there is just one more thing that Box-O-Zombies is going to need, and that one thing is funding. If that happens, then you can expect to see Box-O-Zombies come alive right before your eyes.

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