Will Colorful Snap on Covers Be Enough to Save the Windows Phone?One of the more humorous articles we have presented here at LockerGnome was a piece that was written by Candice Shane entitled My Life as a Windows Phone Pariah. In the article, Candice provided her take on why she personally likes the Windows Phone 7 and even takes on the subject as personal “warfare” against those who feverishly proclaim that the only real cellphones on the market either feature the Apple iOS or Google’s Android operating system. Her passion runs deep as she describes her love affair with her Windows Phone 7 and why she chose the simplicity of a tile-based operating system:

I looked at it for the first time and I fell in love completely because here it was, a phone that finally didn’t want to be smarter than me.

Though what Candice wrote has plenty of merit and I believe her passion warrants consideration, the unfortunate fact remains that Apple and Google control the smartphone marketplace. Though we may soon see thermonuclear war between the two distinct and separate companies, we consumers couldn’t care less. The recent Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit, counter-lawsuit, appeals, more appeals, and so forth mean very little to a consumer who just wants to buy a phone that works properly.

Nokia is about to introduce a new Windows Phone, the Lumia 620, scheduled for release in January of 2013. The biggest claim to fame for this newest Windows Phone is that it will feature snap-on transparent cases in a variety of colors. The features are what one could expect from an inexpensive phone, and it is designed for the budget-minded consumer. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but I recently wrote another article comparing the Sony Xperia to the Samsung phone I own. Both Sony and Samsung support 4G, while the Nokia Lumia 620 is only 3G capable.

The question I posed in the title of this article is easy to answer. With smartphones like the Nexus 4, priced at $50 more ($299 for the 8 GB model), this Windows Phone is going to have a tough time finding its place against the competition. Cases with a choice of colors are cute, but performance reigns supreme and the Nexus 4 flat out beats the Nokia Windows Phone dead.

This is my opinion. What do you think?

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Source: CNET

Image source: Microsoft