Turn Your Smartphone into a Gaming DeviceNeedless to say, playing any type of action game can be a challenge when using a smartphone. Though the touchscreen may be great for navigating various applications, when it comes to having full control during a action packed game, the lack of control is very noticeable. Now there is a product called PhoneJoy Play that can bring back the fun my turning your smartphone into a gaming console.

PhoneJoy Play is a wireless gamepad that clamps onto your smartphone and works with either iOS or Android-powered cellphones. The design of the PhoneJoy Play expands so that, no matter which size smartphone you have, it guarantees a perfect fit. PhoneJoy Play also promises to eliminate the following drawbacks of using a touchscreen for gaming:

  • Touchscreens take up a large amount of screen real estate.
  • The lack of physical feedback.
  • Key presses are sometimes not recognized, which can frustrate the user.
  • Control keys are sometimes located in many different positions, making gameplay confusing.
  • Touchscreens are less precise and often slower than gamepads.

By adding a gamepad to a smartphone, it is believed that game developers will be able to enhance play on the mobile game platform. This should increase the number of games that will be launched for the smartphones in the very near future. Users will be better able to play games such as Halo 4 and not just simple games like Angry Birds.

The basics of how PhoneJoy Play works are fairly simple, since the controller makes use of the built-in Bluetooth capabilities that most modern smartphones offer.

For Android:

  • Your Android smartphone must have a minimum of Android version 2.1+ installed.
  • Activate Bluetooth.
  • Launch the PhoneJoy Play application on your Android device.
  • Once pairing is complete, you are ready to go.

For iOS:

  • Turn on your Play and activate the iCade mode.
  • Connect the controller in the iOS settings menu.
  • Launch PhoneJoy Play Game Center and choose to install games.

Instructions can be found on the PhoneJoy Play website, which include the installation of the PhoneJoy Play gaming pad on a Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux. Most modern games support HID gamepads, so the setup is simplified and native. But it doesn’t end there, since PhoneJoy Play supports using the controller to connect your smartphone or tablet to your HDTV with the proper connections. Check to determine if your smartphone or tablet supports this feature or not.

So there you have it. PhoneJoy Play can add many hours of pleasure from your smartphone and make gameplay more effortless in the process.

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Source: PhoneJoy Play via Kickstarter

CC licensed Flickr photo above shared by frostwire.com