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Pointing your camera at your computer is so old school when you’re trying to screencast. These days there’s software to take care of that, and if you have a Mac, the standard is ScreenFlow. Used by the best all around to make YouTube videos and screencasts, ScreenFlow is truly the leader.

Screenflow 4 is made by Telestream, the same company that brings you Flip4Mac and Wirecast — trusted software used by many professionals. With the launch of this version, we wanted to dive right in to see the differences and review what makes ScreenFlow the best in the market.

I’ve personally been using ScreenFlow for years with my own YouTube endeavors, and I rely on it when I need to get my screen recorded. My attraction to ScreenFlow is its simplicity of use and the ability it offers to record the screen, the camera, and the computer audio at the same time. With the introduction of ScreenFlow 4, you have the ability now to record in a lossless format to give you the highest quality possible.

As a longtime ScreenFlow user, I can say that ScreenFlow 4 is even more powerful than its previous incarnation. The video editing timeline gives you nested clips, better library organization, and chroma keying. Watching ScreenFlow evolve from dedicated screen recording software to a full-on video editing machine makes me wonder what we’re in for as future versions are released.

As you move through the editing process, it becomes very intuitive — if you’ve worked with any video editing program before. All of the controls are easy to follow and their locations are as you should expect with any video recording program. As you edit, there’s a plethora of video callouts and effects to enhance the video to direct attention and show off exactly what you need shown.

ScreenFlow 4 Review

Our fellow writer at LockerGnome, Ryan, is an avid ScreenFlow user and had this to say about ScreenFlow 4: “ScreenFlow 4 is possibly the easiest screencasting solution currently available on OS X.”

For those of you with Retina display MacBook Pros, ScreenFlow is compatible and has full 64-bit support with the latest Mac OS X build. Compared to ScreenFlow 3, the application is much snappier and more responsive when editing and applying multiple effects. As for the toll on your system while recording your screen, webcam, and computer audio, its footprint is very light, allowing for high-process activities being recorded to run smoothly and not impede other applications. One of the problems that I’ve had with other screen-recording applications is the amount of processing power they try to use when recording my screen. ScreenFlow 4 is blissfully free of this annoyance.

ScreenFlow 4 Review

After you’ve recorded your video, added all of your effects, and made the video perfect, there’s the question of exporting. In past versions, ScreenFlow relied on QuickTime’s plugin to export, sometimes leaving very large video files with the MOV extension that is not standard on all systems. With ScreenFlow 4, we now have the ability to export in native MP4, which results in smaller file sizes while keeping the same amount of quality.

Some of the other major features of ScreenFlow 4 include closed captioning support, ProRes Alpha Channel support, recording timer, fully ColorSync-enabled rendering, and more.

Over all, ScreenFlow 4 is a must have for any screencasting professional. The software is very easy to use and navigate through while in the editing process. With its robust features and high quality, this $99 piece of software is something that — to me — is indispensable for making videos. ScreenFlow 4 is available in the Mac App Store or directly from Telestream — remember to use the coupon Gnomies10 for 10% off!